Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Josiah Turns 2!

Josiah Daniel.  My adorable, precocious, sensitive, snuggly, stubborn, hilarious, emotional, loving, challenging, sweet, charming little boy.  We celebrated two years of life with him today, and oh what a two years it has been!  I'm so thankful to God for this precious gift, our little JoJo Bear!  He is Mr. Personality in every way who keeps me laughing and praying by turn.

Josiah has come so far in the last year, despite all its topsy-turviness with a new baby and a big move.  For starting out life as the boy who hated to sleep, he is now a champion sleeper both for naps and at nighttime!  (Can I please get a "Hallelujah" here?!)  He is talking more and more with adorable pronunciations for common terms and well on his way to being potty trained.  (Time for another "Hallelujah"!).  For awhile, every color was yellow and every number was three, but now he knows all the colors and surprised me the other day by saying "eight" and "nine" after hearing Isaac count up to seven.  Amazing what they pick up just by listening...  :)  He loves to learn letters of the alphabet with his ABC placemat during meals, and so far, can always be counted on to locate the letter "O."  He is very good at cleaning up his toys, helping with laundry, and emptying various things out of the dishwasher.  Our fiesty little second-born has also made great strides in the obedience department and doesn't throw nearly as many fits as he once did.  However, we are still very much in the trenches with all things child-training...

Josiah is quite the tag-along little brother, always wanting to be involved in whatever interesting activity Isaac is up to, while also initiating quite a few of his own quiet playtimes in a corner of the living room by himself.  Special interests include trucks (and other vehicles), animals of all kinds (especially dogs), and making music.  Cooking in his pretend kitchen is another favorite activity.  He loves to sing and to pray, especially for his daddy who continues to be the person his little world revolves around with complete and utter delight.  He also adores his baby brother "Yiyah", although he is still learning to express that love with gentleness.  Having two little ones so close in age has presented its challenges when both "babies" need Mommy at the same time, and Josiah often doesn't understand that sometimes he has to be the big boy in the situation.  However, lots and lots of snuggles and hugs seem to keep his love tank filled as well as just being right next to Mom whenever possible, whether I'm nursing Adoniah or cooking dinner.

Our little Jojie Bear is a blessing with a capital B, and I can't wait to see what new growth and change this next year of his life will bring!  It is such a privilege to have him in our family!

And now, for my annual picture round-up of the last year of the Birthday Boy's life!

On his first birthday last summer.

He still makes this facial expression!

All moved in to our new house in Ohio.

Going on a walk.

The hat, oh the hat.

Trying to fill big shoes!

Always on the go!

Ready for winter!

The best presents.

Fascinated with the Christmas tree.

The boy and his hats.

Enjoying snow!

Snuggles and stories with Daddy.

The sassy, smirky look.


Such a good sleeper now!

Homemade play-dough for the win!

Because it's SO much fun to play in the mud!

When he's too quiet, it's always a good idea to check on him...

The boy and his red boots.

Loving sensory play!

Cloud dough cupcakes.

Shaving cream muffins.

Play-dough bracelets.

Water bead fun!

Mr. Grumpy Pants.

He loves to dress up!

Am I cute, or what?!

Seriously...does it get any more adorable?

Sweet Josiah

A work of art by our work of art.