Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Isaac's 6th Year

This past weekend, we celebrated Isaac's 6th birthday! What a year of growth and excitement it has been for this handsome boy of mine! Isaac is a big blessing to our family! He is funny, smart, articulate, athletic, a hard worker, creative, innovative, and my right hand helper! Isaac loves to learn, loves to build, and loves God's Word! 

He has excelled in school and gotten to experience some new extra-curricular activities such as a homeschool gymnastics class and Upward basketball program. He also started piano lessons with me, although we need to get better at being more consistent with those. He thrived on being Nathan's sidekick during our big kitchen remodel that lasted 7 months of this past year. 

A big highlight for Isaac was attending Grandpa and Grandma Camp for the first time during the summer. He has also really enjoyed being part of AWANA Sparks Club at church and has amazed us all with his ability to memorize Scripture. Traveling to Texas in the fall and meeting up with cousins and relatives he rarely gets to see made for additional special memories in his year.

True to his name, Isaac loves to make people laugh! Sometimes this translates into him being super silly, and sometimes he really does do hilarious things! His chicken nugget dance is a winner. ;) 

I have loved watching him grow in responsibility and confidence this past year. He is a huge help to me on the farm with outside chores and animal care. And I can always count on him to do any job given him or run "errands" for me around the house.

Isaac's 6th year was a fun and full one! Here is the annual picture round-up showing its many great memories!

Making boats out of straws and watching them float - Isaac's idea.

Play-dough creations. Look at those cheeks! He looks so young to me compared to now!

His rocket.

"Look, Mom! We are pigs!" 
Isaac thrives on being outside and if the weather isn't too cold, Josiah is usually happy to tag along!

Daddy's big helper.

Rainbow rice ice-cream?

Kitchen demolition.

One of his hundreds of building creations.

Summer school.

A treasure I will cherish that Isaac made just for me to put on my new kitchen window sill.

Helping Daddy in the garden.

Playing games at Grandpa and Grandma Camp!

Getting ready for a cheese factory tour and water park play at camp!

First official day of 1st Grade.

The sun was bright! :)

Fun times at a children's museum.

His human skeleton puzzle.

Puttin' on a show!

Geometry at its finest.


The Kiddie Tractor Pull at Bob Evans Farm Festival

Riding a pony.

More fall fun at Glassburn's Fun Farm.

Last year, his head came up to the 3 1/2 line. I'd say he's grown!

Showing me his gymnastics tricks.

Swinging with his cousin, Melissa, in Houston, TX.

Puzzle time.

They loved being together!

Learning to play Hop Scotch with Grandmommy!

Zip-lining at the park.

King of the mountain.

Hanging out with friends in their barn in Texas.

Becoming a dog owner.

Kanoodle puzzles for our puzzle boy!

A visit to the dentist.

One cool dude!

Building with his Math-U-See blocks...again!

Just monkeying around.

A one-man band.

Checking out his new Bible, a gift for his birthday now that he can read quite well and is wanting to read the Bible for himself!

Basketball was a blast for this boy!

Mr. Silly Pants

Isaac Nathan Britton
6 years old.