Monday, July 30, 2012

On to New Adventures!

A little over a week ago, Nathan and I traveled to Taos, New Mexico, where a small Baptist church exists that is struggling and in need of a pastor.

We met the people (there are currently about 15-20 regular attendees), 
and Nathan preached in their Sunday service in view of a call to possibly be their pastor.  There were potluck meals, times of questions and answers, and visits to the church members' homes.  We were so blessed by the warmth and hospitality that was shown to us and by the vision there is for reaching Taos with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Yesterday, First Baptist Church of Taos voted unanimously for Nathan to be their new pastor!

Thus it is, that we make plans to pack our belongings 
and move to New week!

We are excited about the opportunities for ministry that abound in Taos, as well as sobered by the great responsibilities and challenges we are shouldering.  While known for its beautiful mountains and surrounding ski resorts, Taos is a town that is spiritually dark and very much in need of the light of the Gospel.  A tremendous mixture of varying religious beliefs exists there, while evangelical Christians make up but a tiny percent of the population.

In a way, we believe we are moving to a mission field right here in the United States.

Please pray with us that the Lord will use us to boldly proclaim His truth, to demonstrate the love of Christ, and to see the church grow with new disciples. 

The adventure continues...

Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Birthday Kind of Day

Happy 26th Birthday
to the man who demonstrates the character of God every day,
loves me unconditionally,
and leads our family with strength and dignity.

I love you, Nathan Mark Britton, 
and praise God for the day He created you!
Looking forward to forever with you...

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Celebrating Two Months of Marriage!

Rather than having traditional engagement pictures taken back when, Nathan and I opted instead for a post-wedding photo shoot with our good friend and budding photographer, Leah Horvath.
It was so much fun taking pictures after the busyness of planning a wedding, getting married, and going on a honeymoon...especially with someone so delightful as Leah!
She did an excellent job and we are very pleased with the results. 
Here is just a sampling of the fine pictures she has blessed us with!

As we celebrate two wonderful months of marriage today, 
we are excited to announce that God has seen fit to bless our family 
and make it grow!
Lord willing, a precious little baby will be joining us sometime 
in late February or early March!

How we rejoice in the amazing goodness of our God!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Michigan Adventures - Mackinac Island, Part 2

Time for a bike ride around the island!
Nathan and I rode tandem which was a blast!
(Photo credit - Patrick Dudenhofer)

Everyone is ready to go!
(Photo credit - Patrick Dudenhofer)

Most of the adults in our group had little ones tagging along behind. :)
(Photo credit - Patrick Dudenhofer)

And we're off!

The scenery along the way was so beautiful!

Ann and Lydia

Elizabeth and Mark

Joel and Katelyn - also riding tandem.

Ben and Caleb

Picture perfect.

Arch rock

The bike path.

Here comes Mom!

There goes Hannah...

...getting some help from Grandpa!

I have never seen such clear, blue water!

Caleb and Hannah enjoyed wading in it during a break from the bikes.

Caleb also tried to climb a few rocks near the shore.

After the bike ride, lunch, and fudge for dessert, a smaller group of us decided to walk toward the inner part of the island to see what we could see.

Everywhere we went, we were surrounded by the glories of God's wondrous creation!

Fort Mackinac

Farewell, beautiful island!