Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thankful Thursday

654.  Naps (I love naps!)

655.  "Cutie" mandarin oranges on sale this week (they have tasted so delicious!)

656.  A baby fully restored to good health again and back to his happy little ways

657.  Getting to live with my best friend

658.  The joy of hearing a five year old enthusiastically rattle off all the Bible verses he's learned through AWANA as I drove him home yesterday evening

659.  Cozy evenings in a warm house

670.  Technology and how it allows us to stay connected to loved ones far away

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thankful Thursday

644.  The delectable smell of pumpkin bread baking in the oven

645.  Wonderful news from friends about how God answers prayer and has saved them from being foreclosed on!

646.  A thoughtful husband who cares for Isaac when I need some extra sleep

647.  Streaks of pink in the sky tonight causing me to pause and remember the Creator

648.  My little one's adorable baby babble throughout the day as he talks to himself during play

649.  Good news that my sister seems to be healing from a kidney infection after several rough days of sickness

650.  The thrill of seeing young children excited to memorize God's Word at our AWANA clubs

651.  New recipes that turn out deliciously

652.  A warm, cozy home

653.  God's abundant provisions for our family

Monday, November 11, 2013

Picture Catch-Up Part 3, A Visit from the Day Family

Last weekend, my sister and her family came for a visit!  They serve overseas as missionaries in Ukraine, so we haven't seen them in a year and a half.  It was great to catch up, to meet their youngest daughter, Lydia, and to let them meet Isaac!
Honestly, I was so busy getting meals on the table and enjoying their company that I didn't take the time to snap very many pictures.  I'm posting the few that I took here and borrowing a few from my brother-in-law, Nathan. :)
(Photo credit: Nathan Day)

Playing at the park together.  Brrr - it was cold that evening!
(Photo credit: Nathan Day)

Katelin and Nathan just celebrated four years of marriage! 
(And yes, she is my younger sister!)

A visit to the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge

One of the days they were here, the guys went out with some friends up in the mountains for some off-roading, so Katelin and I took the little ones to this fun play place called Twirl.  It is in the backyard of a local toy store and is free to the public!

All the children thoroughly enjoyed it!

Melissa on her motor-less motor bike.

This slide went really fast and was a big hit with all of us! :)

Here comes Melissa!

Here comes Katelin and Lydia!

There goes Isaac trying to climb up the slide!

Lydia on a horse.

What do you think of Katelin's new look?  Those are quite the ears!

Isaac was absolutely fascinated by this horse.  I think he though it was alive because he kept trying to talk to its face.

Nathan Day took this video of Isaac laughing with new toys and his fun relatives.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Picture Catch-Up Part 2, Isaac on the Move!

Over the last many weeks, Isaac has been pulling up on everything he can get his hands on!  He loves to stand, tries to climb, and is desperate to walk.  The dishwasher is a particular favorite "play thing" for him in the kitchen, and every time it gets opened up, he makes a bee-line for it!

Sometimes, he is stronger than he thinks. :)

Happy to be on the move!

The "leftover containers" drawer - another favorite!

With all the learning to stand action, Isaac has taken a whole lot of spills and tumbles, resulting in a fair share of bumps and bruises.

Poor baby.  Hopefully, he will learn balance better soon!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Picture Catch-Up Part 1, Taos Mountain Balloon Rally

I realized today that I had quite a collection of pictures built up on my camera yet to be shared on this blog!  With a little free time on my hands while watching a football game with my husband, I finally got around to uploading them here.  So without further ado, enjoy part one of a picture catch-up: the colorful sights of the Taos Mountain Balloon Rally!

So many people!

My little side-kick.

Beautiful, isn't it?

Taking it all in...

Rainbows in the sky.

New Mexico's flag as a hot air balloon!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thankful Thursday

627.  Vacationing in Gatlinburg with the Britton family

628.  A visit this past weekend from my sister and her family

629.  Dark chocolate

630.  Isaac's rapidly developing motor skills (pulling up on things, standing, etc.)

631.  The joy of leading children in songs of praise to the Lord at AWANA

632.  My husband's generous and constant provision for his family

633.  A heavy winter coat for Isaac for only $5!

634.  The contagious laugh my little boy utters when playing Peek-A-Boo

635.  Nathan's skills in all things home-repair that saved our house from a possible electrical fire and most definitely from a night without electricity or heat!

636.  Beautiful snow falling (even if it is a little early in my estimation of things!)

637.  Seeing Isaac's delight in his daddy and hearing him proclaim over and over throughout the day, "Da-da-da-da."

638.  An Ergo baby carrier for these tough days of teething when my baby only wants to be held

639.  New toys for Isaac sent by loving and generous great-grandparents from afar

640.  Steady growth in our church

641.  Brightly colored hot air balloons filling the sky

642.  Energy to care for my family despite sleep-deprived nights caring for a sick little one

643.  The words of Scripture which speak to my heart and remind me of what God deems to be important