Monday, December 10, 2018

Fall Happenings

We had a busy, fun-filled fall season! Now it's time to play picture catch-up on the blog. :)

School time. Adoniah works on forming numbers with Wiki Stix while Josiah does his cursive handwriting practice.

Learning to spell and read!

I snapped this picture of Josiah at church playing with little animals because I got such a kick out of how he lined them all up in an orderly fashion in family groups!

Afternoon reading outside in the sunshine!

Aiming for a posed picture and this is what I got!

When Silas skips his morning nap, he just can't quite make it through lunch!

This picture was so precious to me as I looked out my kitchen window. Biggest brother with littlest brother just enjoying a moment together.

The boys worked really hard for several months to earn "Joy Beans" by demonstrating diligence, kindness, obedience, etc. Once they all filled up their jars with beans to a designated line, the reward was a special outing.

Our location of choice was Glassburn's Family Fun Farm. They had a blast! This tractor made out of hay bales was one of the highlights.

Lots of slides!

Isaac's favorite activity: pedal go-carts on a track.

The big rollers.

Climbing the spider web.

The tire park.

Racing down the hill.

Sack or no sack?

Bean bag toss!

Pumpkin bowling was another hit!

The corn pit. Adoniah had a ball with all the trucks!

Meanwhile, back during normal life happenings, Josiah figured out how to do our USA puzzle!

In November, we hosted our annual open house for church friends. Lots of fun people came by to enjoy a pancake breakfast!

The chief cook.

Silas makes me laugh!

Such a happy boy!

He loves to lick the bowls!

The boys were given some new costumes and love to play dress-up!

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Adoniah's Birthday and the Start of a New School Year

A very happy 3-year-old on his birthday!

A huge (hand-me-down) train set that this boy has LOVED and played with EVERY SINGLE DAY! (The other brothers have joined in the fun too!)

His favorite thing is to put them together end-to-end and pull them around the house.

Making his birthday cake!

Licking the spoon is the best part.

First day of school pictures:
Isaac Nathan - Kindergarten/1st Grade 
(Posing with all his books for the year.)

He is a smart little boy full of creative ideas who loves to build things and make people laugh!

Josiah Daniel - Preschool/Kindergarten

He is a sweet, nurturing boy with an animated imagination who loves babies, animals, and music!

Adoniah Wesley - Preschool

He is an enthusiastic little boy who loves to play and learn! 
His favorite things are trains, fire trucks, tractors, and diggers.

Silas Andrew - The Tag Along who is learning to talk and obey
He loves doing whatever the big brothers are doing, snuggling with Mommy, mowing with Daddy, and playing outside.

My book-loving brigade.

Homeschool Curriculum Line Up for 2018-2019 (because fellow homeschool moms like to know!):

- Logic of English language arts program (Level A for Josiah, Level B for Isaac)
- Mathematical Reasoning (beginning kindergarten), followed by Math-U-See Primer (advanced kindergarten) - Josiah
- Math-U-See Alpha (first grade) - Isaac
- Sonlight Core A: "An Introduction to World Cultures" for history/Bible/literature - all boys
- AWANA Cubbies and Sparks for Bible memory - Adoniah, Josiah, Isaac
- A Year of Playing Skillfully - Adoniah (art and science ideas for Josiah and Isaac as well)

Math is usually a hit with all of them.

Comparing their height with a hay bale.

Look how tall we have gotten!

Playing Peek-A-Boo!

Isn't that SO funny?! :)

Josiah and Isaac started a homeschool gymnastics class this year, which they LOVE!

I was surprised to see 50 kids there the first couple weeks!

Building shapes...

A triangle!

Josiah wanted in on the fun!

And so did Isaac!

Popsicle sticks are just full of possibilities...

Fine motor practice: marbles in the bottle.

Learning to be a diligent worker!

We begin each school day with Bible Time and then I work with just Adoniah on some preschool activities. He is thriving on the one-on-one attention.


Josiah is learning how to write numbers and letters. On this day, he wrote his answers to math problems in corn meal for a break from pencil and paper.

He loved it!

Josiah teaching Silas.