Thursday, March 23, 2017

Introducing Silas Andrew!

I am so thankful to announce the birth of our fourth son, Silas Andrew!
He was born here at home early yesterday morning after 7 hours of labor.
Silas weighed in at 9 pounds even, 21 1/2 inches long.
He is a beautiful, peaceful baby and a champion nurser!
We are praising God for his safe arrival!

Our precious boy.

Getting acquainted with baby brother.

So excited!



Friday, March 10, 2017

Plexus Free Shipping!

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Thursday, March 9, 2017

February Memories

Sometimes, this is how Sunday mornings look right before we walk out the door to church!

The guilty one would be the one standing up.

Somebody snuck out to the music room for some sleep while Mom and Dad were watching a movie one evening.

Our school theme during the month of February was "hearts and love."  Here, the boys are learning to graph colors with Sweetheart candies.

We also played pattern games that were a big hit!

I love to see the boys' creativity come alive in so many ways.  Here, Isaac built a car ramp from a piece of cardboard box and then set up his cars in a very orderly fashion to be able to pick ones to race.

Sensory play with shaving cream before making some very cool heart-garland-decorations!

Messy is so fun!

Next, the boys used pipettes to drop colored water onto the shaving cream.

Then, they swirled it all together with a plastic knife.

Finally, we dipped card stock paper into the shaving cream and scraped off the excess.  (Here, we also have paintings with homemade heart stamps drying on the counter.)

The marble art of colored shaving cream.

Once the marbled papers dried, we cut them out into heart shapes and laced them together for a garland.  I was really impressed with this activity!

Nathan's special breakfast that he made for the family.  Heart-shaped pancake-muffins!

Enjoying some chocolate-avocado pudding!

Sensory sink fun...what's not to love about red water, bubbles, foam hearts and circles, and various water toys???

A sensory rice and beans bucket is always a hit!  Here, Isaac and Josiah played a "find the alphabet" game with puzzle pieces in the rice.

Matching heart candies to the number of hearts on cards.

Making stickered alphabet letters. 

We had a fun time with our Young Families group from church in February!  Here are some of them in intense competition using straws and candy hearts for a game we played!

A puzzle race.

Family-centered games in the living room.

The final heart garland!

Don't those hearts look amazing?

Science experiments with Daddy are lots of fun!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

38 Weeks!

It's a great day for being 38 weeks along!  Can't wait to meet this newest little Britton boy!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Isaac's Year in Pictures

Yesterday was a momentous day!  My firstborn turned FOUR years old!!!  
He's been excited for his birthday since September, talking about it and praying about it since December, and literally counting down the days since the beginning of February.  

We had a wonderful time celebrating his special little life yesterday with our Ohio Britton family members and a Curious George party.  More pictures to come from that event later.

For now, here is my annual birthday year-in-pictures-review of my delightful Isaac Nathan!

Such a young face from one year ago!

How he loves to play outside!

Sensory buckets are a hit with this little Mister!

Welcoming a coop and chickens to our small farm!

Shaving cream fun in the bath tub!

Feeding goats.

First time at the rodeo!

Learning to count.

Catching bugs.

Building things was a big part of his year.

Isaac has blossomed into quite the artist!

He is a great helper around the house with chores -- goggles and all!

Loving the water table.

Enjoying a visit from Grandmommy!

On vacation to Virginia Beach.

The aquarium at Virginia Beach.

First day of school!

Building and explaining the solar system - of his own desire!

So excited to make a picnic all by himself!

Oh, how these boys love their books!

His name means laughter, and he is always making me laugh!

Mr. Outdoorsy

First time getting his face painted.

Pumpkin pounding- a definite favorite activity!

Isaac has really taken an interest in building with Duplo blocks.  Nearly every day, he is creating some new structure and showing it to me!

Creating with beauty.

First airplane trip he can remember (because the ones as a baby don't count!).

First math book finished!

My all-boy BOY!

Helping Daddy with the bunk beds.

More Duplo creations.

And outdoor building projects.  Tree houses, castles, play houses -- this boy's imagination always soars!

Sensory delights.

Gymnastics fun.

It's been so thrilling to witness all the areas of growth and learning in Isaac's life this past year!  He continues to love school and is making great progress academically.  Spelling simple words, counting and adding, writing numbers and a few letters, and coloring in the lines are some specific milestones he has hit.  His favorite school activities are the ones involving sensory buckets or art projects.  I've been amazed to see his imagination flourish this past year, and his creativity in building things, painting pictures, and creating stories really come alive.  

Isaac continues to be a physical boy with LOTS of energy who loves to play outside and engage in any sport involving a ball.  He has recently developed an enjoyment of gymnastics workouts too.  He is growing in his work ethic as he learns to be diligent and thorough with his chores, and is always cheerfully ready to help Mommy fetch something.  Being the firstborn, strong leadership qualities come naturally to Isaac, so he has been learning a lot lately about how to be a good example for his brothers and how to engage them in play without being too bossy. :)  

Most exciting of all, it is a special joy to see his understanding of spiritual matters deepening!  There is nothing more precious than hearing him pray at meal times and thank God for "sending Jesus to die on the cross to pay for our sins."  My greatest longing for this joyful, strong, smart, athletic, and creative child of mine is that he would believe in Jesus as his Savior and live a life of service to Him! 

I'm so thankful God saw fit to bless our family with Isaac, and can only pray that we will be faithful and wise as we strive to raise him in the nurture and admonition of the Lord!