Thursday, August 11, 2016

A Year of Adoniah

Last week, we celebrated the first birthday of this little bundle of joy!  It's hard for me to believe my solidly-built, blonde-headed, toddling, tantrum-throwing, smiley guy used to look like this!  He's changed so very much!  Enjoy this year of pictures.

Adoniah Wesley
Born at home on his due date, August 4, 2015.
8 pounds, 10 ounces
20 1/2 inches long

He doesn't even look like the same baby here!

He started out with reddish-colored hair.

So tiny and snuggly!


Lookin' so handsome for church. :)

Learning to smile!

A little tongue action. :)

Starting to really develop personality. :)

Going on a walk with Mommy.

Standing up like a big boy.

Mr. Mess Pot

Never one to be left out of the action!

Happy 1st Birthday, Addy-Boy!

Enjoying his new toy.

Even though it's blurry, I love this facial expression!

Such a big boy, now!

He loved putting coins into his new piggy bank from Mema and Papa!

Look at that face!

Trying to take in the concept of cake with a candle.

Yes, I think I'll take that!

And the verdict is...

(Another fellow chocolate lover!)

We love our little third-born who has gone from a peaceful, laid-back baby to a routine'-tootin' Pistol Pete with an opinion about everything and a determination to not miss anything!  He enjoys eating, being held by Mommy, zooming cars around, practicing his walking skills, swimming, making messes, and snuggling with his favorite green blankie.  He has a belly laugh that is contagious and a smile like sunshine!