Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thankful Thursday

855.  Little boy hugs and love

856.  Baby coos

857.  Potty training successes

858.  A Moby wrap for the days when Josiah needs extra holding (like today!)

859.  My husband's hard work on a new van for our family

860.  A much-needed nap!

861.  The beauty of the mountains in the evening sunlight

862.  Cool breezes

863.  A family walk in the park

864.  Fresh-cut blooms from a friend's garden

865.  Access to the Truth of life in God's Word

866.  Faster internet

867.  A loving family both near and far away

868.  Unexpected monetary gifts in the mail

869.  Josiah's smiles

870.  The gift of patience that I pray for so often as a mommy!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Glimpse of "Normal Life" (lately)

I apologize for the long delays between posts lately.  Usually when posts are few and far between, it is not due to a lack of post material, but rather a lack of time to post!  Such has certainly been the case in recent days.  Juggling two children, including a baby who nurses around the clock and now a toddler who is potty training, makes for a busy life all by itself!  Throw into the mix housework, cooking, church ministry, company, and out-of-town travels, and you can see why I haven't been on the blog much! :)

Before I post pictures of our time with Nathan's parents from last week, here is a collection of pictures that has been stacking up from "normal life" lately.

Isaac loves to build with blocks!

On this particular day, he was constructing near cabinets to support his structures.  Smart kid!

On this particular day, he was also very keen on picking up his blocks and putting them back in his bag all by himself.  However, that trend has not continued in future days. :)

He continues to put cups on his frisbees and serve up deliciousness, just like Grandmommy taught him!

Josiah has enjoyed being on his tummy much more than Isaac ever did!

Sweet little baby.

He often falls asleep in this position.

Which then transforms to this cute little scrunched up position.

Sacked out.

Isaac playing happily in his room with wooden toys created by Grandpa.

He sat there for a long time making vehicle noises and pushing these around on their little wheels.

Isaac is desperate for Josiah to play with him!  He's always trying to share his toys - balls especially, as they are his favorites!  (Notice the bracelet on Josiah's arm!)

This kid sure does love his books!

Check out those chubby arms!

Coloring on the paper moved to a taste-testing experiment when Mom wasn't looking.  Good thing those markers are washable! :)

Playing in the water with some dishes.

What's up?

Who knew that a box of bottles and bottle nipples would keep him occupied forever?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Some Of The Cuteness At My House Lately

Daddy and his boys.

Isaac loves his brother!

Bath baby!

He loves to play in the water!

Such a happy fellow!

Josiah hanging out on the bathroom counter.  Check out those rolls he's getting in his arms!


Howdy y'all!

Josiah loves being carried in the Moby wrap!

And I love it too, for those busy moments when I need two hands. :)

Isaac helped me make chocolate zucchini bread the other day.

He loved playing with his own pan of salt.  Then, after he started "helping" me mix up the batter, chocolatey goodness kept ending up in his pan.

Don't you love the apron?  I've got to get him his own size now that he is big enough to help!

So proud to be helping Mama bake!

Isaac is such a good big brother!  He loves to push Josiah in the swing.


Josiah really was enjoying the experience despite the look on his face. :)

Hi, Mom!

Look!  A camera!

Look what Daddy has taught him to do!

Figuring out those ear buds.

Got it!

My little laundry helper.

He's changing and growing so much every day!

A little tummy time.

Look at that precious face!

So cute!

Brotherly love.

Isaac loves to give Josiah fist bumps since his little hands are always clenched!

Getting to know each other.

Isaac is very affectionate.  Sometimes, he can be a little rough with his affection, but we are trying to teach him to be gentle!

Kisses for brother!

"Beep" goes the nose!