Friday, May 26, 2017

A Plexus Testimonial

Today, I’m super excited to share with you the story of my sweet friend, Tyler Jackson! She is one of my local friends whom I met through church when she started visiting over a year ago. She’s part of a young women’s Bible study I started and comes with her husband and toddler son to our Young Family Fellowship gatherings that we have on occasion. It’s been such a joy to get to know Tyler and to see her love for Jesus and for her family!

Back in November, I held my first Plexus Sip ’N See Informational meeting and was thrilled to have Tyler in attendance! That night, she got excited about what Plexus could do for her! It was several months before Tyler was able to get started on the products, but eventually, her patience paid off. She began taking the TriPlex at the end of February, and before a whole week had passed, she sent me this message: “Just a little update on my health journey for you! ...I have been eating healthier, and drinking more water. I noticed last night that I haven't had any heart palpitations! I can fall asleep faster, and when it's time for bed, I actually feel tired and ready to go to sleep. I used to dread laying down to go to sleep because my brain didn't shut down and I would lay awake for an hour or two, sometimes longer! ... I have also noticed a change when I use the bathroom. It's a breeze.. lol.”

Some of Tyler’s goals for taking the Plexus products were to get help with hemorrhoids, anxiety issues, and the heart palpitations that were anxiety induced. You can imagine how wonderful it was for her to start seeing improvements in all of these areas just days into taking her supplements! 

The following month, Tyler added in the Accelerator supplement which has worked together with the TriPlex products to give her more energy - another goal she had! 

Last week, I checked in with Tyler again to see how things were going for her. I can’t tell you how incredibly happy I was to learn that not only had her hemorrhoids completely healed two weeks in to taking her supplements, but a tear she had had since giving birth to her son A YEAR AND TWO MONTHS prior that had been causing her extreme discomfort when using the bathroom had also had a chance to heal. No longer does my sweet friend dread going to the bathroom or find herself unable to sit comfortably afterwards because of the pain. As one who suffered for 7 months with hemorrhoids and knew the dread of going to the bathroom, I am REJOICING with her and praising the Lord! I am a firm believer that God has designed our bodies with the ability to heal themselves of many problems, especially when using the right tools.

As I told Tyler today, it’s stories like these that are the whole reason I started sharing Plexus! The president of Plexus, Alec Clark, is known for saying, “If you are blessed, then be a blessing.” I was blessed by the products so greatly, I had to tell others, and now getting to see lives changed for the better makes every effort so incredibly worth it!

Thank you, Tyler, for the privilege of sharing your story! 

*Disclaimer: These products have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Picture Catch-Up from February, March, and April!

This little cutie is such a ray of sunshine!  He is really taking off with his speech development and is surprising us with new words all the time!

Being silly with pipe cleaner rings from Isaac’s birthday.

February brought the finished product of quad bunkbeds in the boys’ room!  Nathan worked so hard on these, and I am so proud of him!  Don’t they look gorgeous?!

The back wall is made from red cedar wood.  Now, it is time to buy matching comforter sets for all the boys!

In the meantime, my old one will have to do for Josiah. :)

March brought a delightfully fun baby shower with the ladies at church and an abundance of gifts in anticipation of Silas’ arrival.

Sporting matching hats!

Josiah wearing Mommy’s boots.  They went all the way up to his waist!

Finally, some warmer spring days came, and with them, a tire swing in the front yard!

The Double Duo.

Enjoying a snack of popcorn with leftover dark chocolate from Isaac’s birthday.

Playing “worms” by burrowing in their own makeshift tunnels.  Gotta love these country kids and the things they think up! :)

March brought a new project!
Transforming the guest bathroom from this:

into this:

And installing a shower too!  Now, we have 2 full-sized bathrooms! He finished the shower just in time for my mom’s arrival.

This boy.  He’s getting so tall and handsome!

Enjoying a little morning nap outside.

Meanwhile, the big brothers were having fun experimenting with salt, colored water, and droppers on a mirror.

It was a great sensory-art project all in one!

One of my favorite aspects of spring is seeing this tree bloom!

Water table fun!

Silas at 4 weeks.


Learning to smile for the camera. :)

Hello again!

Silas at 6 weeks.

Such a happy boy!

And now some home videos for your viewing pleasure. :)

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

2 Months!

This adorable, happy, peaceful, content little fella hit the 2 month milestone yesterday! He’s been celebrating lately by sleeping all the way through the night!! We love our Silas Andrew boy!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

A New Plexus Slim!

I am super excited to be part of a business on the cutting edge of science and health! Today, Plexus Worldwide revealed a new, enhanced formula for their signature pink drink, Slim (you know - the one that helped balance out my blood sugars, give me energy, and allow me to fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans shortly after giving birth?). In addition to all the amazing ingredients and benefits of its predecessor, the new Slim contains prebiotic fiber to help activate and feed microbiomes for an even healthier gut and an even better metabolism! Did you know that the human microbiome is the biggest area of scientific research today in terms of how it affects EVERYTHING about our health? Helping good microbes thrive is KEY! The new Slim also has a flavor change-up and a fresh, new look! I’m looking forward to getting my order soon!  Get all the great details here: