Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

God's Workings in Haiti

Thank you so much to all of you who prayed for me last week during my trip to Haiti. Once again, God proved Himself so very faithful to hear and answer prayer. While at times the week was very challenging, He blessed us in more ways than I can recount in this brief post.

More than anything, God taught me more of His heart on this trip. I think I received a very small taste of what it might have been like for Jesus to leave heaven for a life on this corrupt planet.

Full of garbage.
Desperate need everywhere.
Faces without light.
Hearts without hope.

Such a contrast to the heavenly paradise He was used to. Yet, He was willing to come spend 33 years in the midst of such an impoverished world because of His great love for all people and His desire to seek and to save that which was lost. What a wonderful Savior!

I am so grateful for the experiences the Lord gave me last week in Haiti. It was a week of learning, growth, good missionary training, and precious moments spent with children.

I went down to Haiti hoping to serve as Christ's hands and feet to fatherless children, yet it was these very children who blessed me far more than I could have hoped to bless them! They are some of the most kind, joyful, loving, obedient, and creative children I have ever met.

Throughout the course of the week, Bridgette and I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with the children.

We spent the first two days at the little boys' home where 19 boys ages 4-12 live. They were full of personality and energy!

Later in the week, we spent time at the girls' house where I came to the conclusion that girls and I get along really well! We had great fun painting nails, doing hair, playing hide-and-seek, and singing together.

In addition to lots of play time with the children, we also helped the missionaries with a couple of organizational projects. It was great to feel productive after so many hours of free play!

During two different days of the week, we were given the opportunity to visit the neighboring streets around town, the Haitian market, the local hospital, and two other orphanages run by local pastors. The poverty we encountered was so overwhelming at times, I felt sick inside. Once again, all I could think about was Jesus and the heart He had to bring the Gospel to the poor.

While the children and staff at Danita's Children won places in my heart right away, I realized shortly into the week, that Haiti is not where I am to dedicate the rest of my life. This was a different course of direction than I expected to receive! I honestly thought God might be preparing me for a life of service with the ministry there. Instead, He gave me a clearly shut door and showed me (through our brief stays in the Dominican Republic) that my heart really lies with the Spanish-speaking people! (Lots to pray about now in that department!)

Even though Haiti is not the place for me long-term, I am so grateful for the brief week God allowed me to experience there. Through it, He taught me more about His compassion and love for all people, stretched me beyond my comfort zone, gave me ideas for future ministry, and allowed me the privilege of meeting some of the precious children who make up His Kingdom!