Friday, April 3, 2015

A Potpourri of Smiles

My little cutie enjoying a snack.

This is what happens when I ask my 2-year-old to put the toilet paper in the bathroom after a shopping trip.  That's one way to do it, I guess!

Isaac loves to share!

A chess master in training.

Oh my word.  That smile!

Sorry, brother, but you haven't the learned how to play yet.  You'll have to let me teach you some day...

Learning VBS songs while playing with toys.

First baby bump picture for #3!

 21 weeks and counting!  (Don't you love my little side kicks?)
I've been told I'm carrying lower, like one would with a girl.  And Isaac says the baby is a sister.  We shall just have to wait and see since we've chosen to be surprised by the gender this time.  Maybe we'll be needing some pink?!

And now for a frontal shot.

Isaac going on an adventure.

Love that precious face!  And the leg turned in!  Too adorable!

Astronaut Isaac coming in for a landing!

Another snack time for the little eating machine!
(Yes, this is my child with all the hair!)

Josiah is our mess-pot!  I have no idea how he does it, but no matter what he eats, this is how he looks afterward.

Showing off the new teeth!

A pensive look for Isaac.  (Photo credit: Ellen Robberson)

Daddy and the snuggle-bug. (Photo credit: Ellen Robberson)

And now for a little Josiah-action on video, complete with some of my baby talk in all its glory! :)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Recent Church Happenings

Wedding day for our friends Stephanie and Dillon, and here is the ring bearer ready for action!

 Does it get any cuter than this?

 Okay, maybe this little guy is pretty cute too in his handsome little tux!

 My two little men all dressed up for the wedding!

 And my other handsome man officiating the ceremony.

 The bride and groom.

 Saying their vows.

 Sealed with kiss!

 Having fun with Mr. Dan afterward throwing flower petals in the air.

Pie-In-The-Face Night at AWANA

 (Also known as sand-in-the-hair night for this guy!)

A sweet success!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Isaac's Birthday

It's pretty sad when your child celebrated their birthday on February 25, but it isn't until April 1 that you get around to posting pictures from the event!  I will admit to a horrible case of procrastination lately in the picture-posting department of life!  With over 80 photos on my camera to sort through, upload, edit, and blog, I just kept putting it off.  But here they are at last!  And you can expect several more newsy-type posts to follow in the days to come because I am done procrastinating! :)

The birthday boy's baby brother ready to celebrate with him!

Isaac knew from his story books that a birthday party would surely include balloons, party hats, and candles, so that is what we had!

The birthday boy eats breakfast under the shadow of his baseball balloon.

Just because he's so cute...

New puzzles - oh, so fun!

A bright and cheery card from Mema and Papa (great-grandparents)!

And a package to go with it!

Sometimes, the bubble wrap is just as fun as the present inside. :)
Pop, pop!

Oh wow!  A piggy bank complete with lots of coins to put inside!  Isaac thoroughly enjoyed this activity and talks about his money in his bank every time he sees the pig up on his book shelf. :)

It's cupcake time!

Happy birthday to you!

He knew just what to do with those candles. :)

Looking so proud of himself for blowing them out...

Getting help with his cake and ice cream from a friend from church.

Our beloved 2 year old!