Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Picture Collection

Just about every picture I've taken since being here in Peru is now on the Earnharts' picture website, along with several they took. Click here to see them!

I'll be starting the journey home early tomorrow morning, so please pray for safe travel!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas In Peru

We started the day out with breakfast, followed by a devotional time in the living room.

Singing Christmas hymns....

Reading the Christmas story from Luke 2 and discussing observations...

Opening stockings...

Enjoying each other.

Then, it was time to get to work! 20 people would be eating Christmas dinner around the tables!

We spent the rest of the afternoon preparing a feast.


Little santas.


It's a party!

Time for gifts.

Smiles all around.

Neighborhood Outreach

On Wednesday of this past week, we were asked to assist with a neighborhood Christmas party near the church. Since it would be an opportunity to make inroads with the president of the neighborhood club house, and it would allow us to share truth with dozens of children and mothers, Uncle Jonathan agreed. Our team led songs, games, and assisted with passing out edible treats that the neighborhood leaders provided. Uncle Jon also shared about the real meaning of the Christmas season while we passed out Gospel tracts to the crowd. There were well over 100 people there. It was a fun, busy afternoon!

Abbey, Pamela, and Jacob lead songs.

Mothers look on.

Abbey and Madyson

Children, children everywhere!

Jacob and Justin

Madyson likes my water bottle.

Playing relay races.

Somebody's getting sleepy.

The snowman drawing game.

Uncle Jonathan addresses the crowd.

Jesus loves the little children.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Around the Town

This is the center of town here in Tacna. It is one of my favorite places to walk around.

Tacna is known for its arch...similar to St. Louis, Missouri.

Beautiful flowers adorn the central plaza.

Sarah, Amanda, and I walked several blocks around town delivering cookie platters.

We stopped to buy Amanda an ice-cream since she had been such a cheerful companion and didn't complain about all the walking.

As we made our way toward the center of town, we got a call to meet up with Becky and Justin at Piamonte, the local ice-cream shop! :-)

Piamonte -- an Earnhart favorite!

What am I going to do with her??? She does not know how to take a serious picture!

This is another of my favorite places to walk. It has such a tropical feel to it!

Amanda with her second ice-cream of the day!

Taking a break in the shade.

Happy smiles!

At the market.

Merry Christmas from Peru!

Tuesday Evening With the Girls

Hospitality has definitely been a big part of life at the Earnharts' home! After the Monday evening cookie party, we spent Tuesday cleaning house, ironing, and making preparations for hosting a family for snacks and games that night.

Milagros, Fernanda, Carla, and Carolina are four sweet sisters who are part of the church family. Their mom passed away last spring and their dad is often away in another city with his job. The Earnharts thought it would be special to have the girls over and minister to them this Christmas season.

We had a wonderful evening together talking, eating, and playing the Wii. :-)

Not having had much experience on the Wii, I was determined to figure it out!

Aunt Becky and I played a competitive game of bowling.

She was a fun rival!

Baby Madyson keeps life full of sweetness!

Lucia (another friend), Fernanda, and Carla watch the games with interest.

Amanda also got in on the fun. She kept us in stitches with her intense commitment to the game when it was her turn to play!


Carla tries a Wii Fit sport. We definitely burned some calories that night!

Lucia and Madyson