Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Pictures

Isaac enjoyed all the books we checked out from the library about Christmas!

Of course, when he realized I was taking his picture, he wanted his ball to be in it with him.

Cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning breakfast!

Isaac really enjoyed them!


They are Daddy's specialty!

Construction Worker Isaac

Dad's turn for a present!

Yay!  Two new belts!

Isaac received several new books which he loves reading on a daily basis!

Farm animals!

A giant pegboard!

Building a tower.

Beginner pattern blocks - so fun!

Putting his "puzzles" together.

Because, when in New Mexico, a delicious Christmas lunch is "Christmas style" red/green enchiladas!  (This is the pre-cooked, pre-cheese picture.)

It was fun to watch Isaac go back and forth between all his new toys and play with them all multiple times!

Josiah's new present from a friend.

There...that looks better with his hair combed over!

It snowed Christmas night, so Isaac and I donned our snow gear the next morning and went outside to enjoy the fun!

Making tracks.

Snow balls at the park.

Winter Wonderland
(videos coming soon - stay tuned!)

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Britton Brigade - Christmas Newsletter 2014

Nathan’s Corner

Nathan is a wonderful husband and fun daddy!  He is an expert tickler who loves to make us laugh!  His preaching and teaching of God’s Word continues to impact many lives, and we have been blessed to see much growth in the church this past year both numerically and spiritually.  Highlights for Nathan in 2014 included receiving his Master’s degree, being officially ordained as a minister of the Gospel, baptizing several new believers, acquiring an assistant, seeing our church building re-stuccoed, welcoming his second son into the world, and taking family road trips in a new-to-us van that he purchased and fixed up.  After a year off from formal studies, Nathan will soon begin pursuing a Doctorate in Ministry. 

Katrina’s Corner

Katrina absolutely loves her life as a wife, mother, and pastor’s sidekick in church ministry!  She also loves living in the unique town of Taos, surrounded by mountains, cool temperatures, four seasons, and needy people.  Managing her home and raising her little boys fills her days to overflowing.  Additionally, Katrina oversees the children’s ministries of the church, organizes ladies’ fellowships and Bible studies, and plays the piano on Sundays.  There were many highlights for Katrina in 2014, but the two that stand out the most were traveling with her husband to Colorado Springs for their second anniversary and giving birth to their second son, Josiah.  (She also greatly enjoyed visits from family this past year!) 

Isaac’s Corner

2014 was a big year for Isaac!  He completed one year of life, learned to walk (and run), became a big brother, began to talk, acquired more teeth, and fell in love with “church.”  He continues to be a tremendous delight to our family, and is always making us laugh at his hilarious antics!  Isaac’s greatest interests in life right now are balls.  He loves to play with them, read about them, and carry them around the house all day long.  Bouncy balls are a particular favorite.  He also enjoys building with blocks, going to the park, coloring pictures (of balls, of course!), and helping Mommy with chores.  He adores his daddy and his baby brother, although he is still learning to be gentle with Josiah.  He is also learning how to count and recognize colors. 

Josiah’s Corner

Josiah Daniel was born at home on June 29th after a relatively short and pain-free labor for Katrina.  The midwives arrived just in time to deliver him! Josiah has brought much joy to our family with his sweet smiles and snuggles.  He loves to eat, and is a healthy little chunk as a result!  He’s not too fond of sleeping, though, so Mommy is greatly looking forward to the night when he sleeps all the way through!  At five months now, Josiah’s accomplishments include rolling over, grasping for toys, recognizing his name, and carrying on intelligent conversations of baby babble.  We love him to pieces and are so grateful to God for the blessing he is!

Merry Christmas from the Britton Brigade!

Monday, December 22, 2014

When Jesus Comes to Town

My father-in-law wrote a lovely duet for Nathan and me to sing in church featuring his re-written lyrics to "When Christmas Comes to Town," from the Polar Express movie. Here is the video of our church special yesterday. It's not perfect; we were having microphone issues, the piano is a wee bit too loud, the angle of the camera is not ideal, and we could have improved a few notes. But, we had fun learning this song and sharing it with our congregation! Enjoy!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thankful Thursday

981.  God's protection over my youngest from an episode in which he could have been seriously injured but wasn't hurt at all!

982.  A brightly lit Christmas tree that holds so many memories in the form of ornaments collected over the years

983.  Festive decorations around the house

984.  Christmas letters stacked on the table ready to go out in the mail - so many accounts of God's goodness to our family from this past year!

985.  So many friends and family to mail them off to!

986.  Seeing Isaac's delight with all things Christmas this year

987.  Josiah's chubby little feet

988.  Isaac's affection for his doll and stuffed animals...melts my heart everytime

989.  A beautiful duet written by my father-in-law for Nathan and me to sing in church

990.  So many fun packages arriving in the mail this time of year :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Picture Catch-Up, part 2

Mr. Chunky Legs

Happy boy!

Isaac reading to Josiah.

These two love each other so much!

Isaac finds great delight in giving Josiah rides on his shoulders with Daddy's help, and Josiah always squeals along with joy!

The turkey roasting pan proved to be a most interesting diversion.

One of Isaac's chores is to put the clean silverware away.

Snuggling with Daddy...

...and learning the art of the iPhone.

Our Michelin Man!

This expression cracks me up!

Telling me about his ball and how I should take a picture of it.

Superman in his new sheet-cape.  Love that face!

Flying through the house!

Saying "cheese" with another ball!

Showing me his favorite ornament on the tree.

A mini-basketball hoop that he can put his bouncy ball in!

Good thing this little guy is getting his own toddler-size basketball net for Christmas!