Thursday, September 21, 2017

Vacation Videos and Summer Pics

This is a follow up post to my last one in which I shared pictures from our vacation to Branson, Missouri.  Here is a collection of short videos from that trip followed by pictures of the children and a video taken over the summer.  (I tried putting all these videos together in a montage through iMovie but then had trouble uploading it to YouTube. Oh well.)  This material is mostly for the benefit of the grandparents! ;) 

Silver Dollar City Video 1

Silver Dollar City Video 2

Silver Dollar City Video 3

Silver Dollar City Video 4

Silas Andrew

Happy Boy!

Learning to finally like tummy time!

Underpants Duo

His style cracks me up!

One cool dude.

For awhile, Silas had this thing about rolling himself up like a burrito in his blanket on the floor!

It was so cute to see!

Josiah showing me the house he built and could sit inside of!

Burrito Boy at it again!

So content.

These two. They make me smile!

Josiah loves to dress up!

Silas learned to roll over the summer. In this picture, he started out lying on Adoniah’s green blanket.

Pretty proud of himself!

Howdy, y’all!

The boys crowned him with this hat and he found something interesting to play with!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Summer Vacation 2017

I know this post is about a month late, but August was super busy going on vacation, recovering from vacation (ha!), catching up on Plexus business-related activities, planning our homeschool year, organizing school materials, and keep up with normal life!

Here is our vacation in a pictorial nutshell! :)

Every other summer, we get together with Nathan’s parents, siblings, and their children for a fun week together. The location changes each time.  This year, it was in Branson, Missouri.

This is what church looked like on vacation! :)
All the grandkids picked the “balcony seating” while Grandma and Grandpa led us in some songs and a devotional thought for the day.

Isaac enjoyed going with Daddy on a special boating excursion on Table Rock Lake!

Visiting some shops and a bakery in the heart of Branson.

Peter enjoying the fountain.

Of course we had to get a family picture on the biggest rocking chair I’ve ever seen!

Checking out the fish at Bass Pro Shop.

Watching the musical fountains at Branson Landon after indulging in some local fudge.

First half day at Silver Dollar City theme park.  The tour of the beautiful Marvel cave made this guy hungry!

And this lovely lady!

It’s a trio of hungry siblings enjoying their pretzel hot dogs and brats on a stick!

Shooting water cannons at passing ships.

A carousel ride!

The children LOVED playing at the “tree house” which had this fun net maze behind it!

There they go!

These two cousins had a blast together!

Day Two at Silver Dollar City - getting ready to ride a moving chair lift.


Riding the hot air balloon in kiddie land.

We were buddies.

This ride was one the children did all by themselves! They loved it!

Cousin Luke wasn’t too thrilled about this ride, but little Hudson was thoroughly enjoying it!

Round 2

My “triplets”. :)

Going up!

First roller coaster ride!

My sidekick in the spectator’s section.

Time to ride the big guns!

Isaac got to watch a potter at work.

During one of the mornings on our trip, the children were invited to participate in “Grandma and Grandpa Games” at a nearby park. They enjoyed the water balloon games, a scavenger hunt...

...and time in the creek!

Others, meanwhile, enjoyed a nap. :)

Jane and Silas getting acquainted.

“Nice boy..."

Happy babies!

A view of Branson from the lookout tower on our hike one morning.

Isaac and Mommy

Family pictures morning!

17 Grandchildren, and counting!

Yes, it was a full house!

It is such a blessing to be part of this clan who love God and love each other!  We always have a wonderful time together.  Until next time...!