Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thankful Thursday

831.  The fifteen children who have signed up for VBS so far! (Halfway to the prayer goal of at least 30!)

832.  The many people at church who helped us at the VBS workshop last weekend to get ready for this big endeavor

833.  The group of college young people who are here this week from Louisiana to host Bible clubs in the park and pass out invitations to VBS

(can you tell I am living and breathing VBS-related stuff these days?)

834.  Getting to know new church attendees over lunch

835.  A yummy chocolate-cream-cheese croissant from a local bakery that really tasted good this week!

836.  Sweet, juicy cantaloupe on sale

837.  Isaac sleeping better at night lately, allowing me to get much needed rest

838.  God's provision for our family, allowing us to buy some out-of-the-ordinary items lately that are needed for both summer ministry and the birth of the baby

839.  Cool, refreshing evenings after warm spring days

840.  Much work being accomplished on our church/parsonage building as it is being re-stuccoed, thanks to laborers and volunteers alike

841.  My hard-working husband who is out from 8:30-5:00 every day with the work crew pounding nails and getting the job done, despite having many other tasks to juggle

842.  My little boy who makes me smile even on days when he is testing the boundaries at every opportunity

843.  The many jabs and kicks of Little Boy #2 which remind me of his active life inside the womb and make me look forward even more to his arrival! :)

Friday, May 23, 2014

Overalls, A Blanket, and a Trip to Denver

Because a cute little boy in cute little overalls deserves a photo shoot, don't you think?

Watching the cars go by...

Smilin' and stylin'.

Back to the window.

Love these pensive expressions!

Climbing down the stairs backwards.

Now, back up he goes - off to conquer new lands!

A blanket stitched with love for our new baby from Angie, the mother of some of our AWANA children who were recently baptized.  It would seem they have found a new church home here...

And we are so grateful for the Lord's work in their lives!

Somebody's ready for a trip!

Packing up for Denver...

Where we visited the Museum of Nature and Science.

The wildlife of North America exhibit was by far the favorite!  It was like going to the zoo in the air conditioning!  Isaac loved being up close and personal to all the animals on display.

Fascinated with a polar bear tooth...

Did you know seals get that big?

Buttons right at his level!

Checking out the walruses.

And back to the buttons we go!

The next day, we went to Denver's downtown amusement park, Elitch Gardens (all as part of the end-of-the-year-school trip with the students Nathan coached).  Here Isaac watches Daddy enjoy the spider ride.

Hanging out in Kiddie Land.

Isaac really liked the train ride!

He wasn't so sure about the crazy bus...but at least he didn't cry like on the carousel! :)

It was a big day for the little man.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thankful Thursday

821.  Mercies which are new every morning

822.  Sweet-smelling roses

823.  My mom

824.  The privilege of being a mother

825.  Afternoon naps (again!)

826.  A borrowed overhead projector for making VBS decorations

827.  A box of free transparencies for said overhead projector

828.  Good times with a new-ish friend

829.  Homemade (healthy) cookies

830.  Another little get-away to Colorado this weekend with the school where Nathan coached all year

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thankful Thursday in Pictures

With so much to share here in my little blog world and so little time to share it all, I have decided to compile three posts into one!  It's a bit lengthy, but I figure I might as well take advantage of this rare opportunity for a quiet evening of posting and catch you up on everything all at once! Hope you don't mind! :)

The thankful list continues interspersed with pictures...

811.  This man:
(Picture taken in January during a ski trip but only just now discovered on my husband's iPhone!)

812.  This little fellow:

(I'm not sure if he's saying "thank you" or blowing kisses in this picture.  Both actions look the same!)

(Oh, how he makes me smile!)

813.  Our trip to Colorado Springs last week with this delightful outing to Garden of the Gods and the reminder of our great God's creativity:

(Do you see the "kissing camels"?)

"Balancing Rock"

814.  This majestic mountain - Pike's Peak:

815.  This incredibly lovely, romantic get-away, the Castle at Glen Eyrie:

816.  A fun hike with my husband on the castle property (right next to Garden of the Gods) with these views:

(Do you see the castle?)

817.  Two years with this guy!

818.  Black widow bites which used to look like this
now healing up so nicely!

819.  My special little "helper" as I get ready for a spy-theme VBS:
"I mustache you a question..."

"Am I cute, or what?"

820.  These people getting baptized this past Sunday:








Wayne and Natalie