Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Packed and Ready to Go

Last night was a delightful time of seeing long-time friends, sharing more details about this new chapter of our lives, and saying goodbye as we prepare to move.  Many thanks to all of you who came to the farewell gathering, and to my wonderful parents for hosting it!

Today, our moving truck has been packed to the brim by a band of merry men (thank you Nathan, Joel Britton, Jeff Adams, Bronson Stewart, and Jon Hicks!) and we are ready to roll out of town in the morning.

It turns out that by a stroke of unexpected and most welcome blessing, two good friends, Rachel and Leah Horvath, will be heading up with us to help me with the driving of our car.  They also plan to stick around for a few days to assist in unpacking and painting of the house!  This makes for one grateful pregnant mommy. :)

Thank you all for your prayers as we make the long journey to Taos and begin a new ministry!
The next time I post it will be from New Mexico!


Tara said...

How exciting! Wish I could have been there for the send off! May the Lord richly bless you all as you start a new season!

Love you lots!

Susannah! said...

Oh, I can't wait to see pictures of your new home!!

Debi Foreman said...

So sorry we missed the send off. We were out of town.
If we had been at the party you might have left with another young lady that would have loved to come and help, Moriah!! :-)
I pray all is going well and look forward to hearing from you soon.