Friday, November 2, 2012

A Tour of Our Home

After nearly three months of work, our house is finally finished!
It's been a fun project to paint, decorate, and transform the parsonage into a home for our growing family.  I hope you enjoy this little virtual tour!

The Mud Room
This is the first little room you step into when you enter the house.



The Kitchen



I love how sunny and cheerful it is, now!

The Living/Dining Room

(It was being used as a church office before we moved in.)


The Home Office/Nursery

(This room was also used for church office purposes previously.)


(A changing table will eventually go at the foot of the crib against the wall.)

The shelves on the left will be used for baby clothes, diapers, etc. :)

The Master Bedroom



The Hallway

The Bathroom
(now complete with yellow curtains! :)

The Guest Room

That contraption in the corner is a portable wardrobe, since there is no closet in the room.

With the drapes closed.

As you can see, we have plenty of space!  Won't you come for a visit soon? :)

We are truly blessed to have this home and are thoroughly enjoying living here!


Jenny said...


Your kitchen is so sweet!

Mrs. R. said...

Your house is just beautiful! What great work you both have done!

Sharon said...

Oooh! It's so beautiful! Great decorating job!
Oh, and just so you know, this is Kathryn (formerly Raub) Siegwart's "little" sister Sharon! You probably don't remember me but I do remember y'all and I was so happy when my sister sent me a link to your blog! So wonderful to see how great y'all are doing!!! :)
God bless!!! :D

Susannah! said...

Your house is so pretty!
I love your dining set!

Tara said...

Absoluetly BEAUTIFUL!!! You have truly made your house a home!

Lindsay Lee said...

Thoroughly enjoyed getting to tour your home! You DO have a lot of room! I especially like the pop of color in the cheery kitchen and bathroom and the statement posted in your hall. Thank you for sharing!