Monday, December 3, 2012

Decorating for Christmas

Last week, a couple from our church offered to take Nathan and me to their property near Black Lake in order to pick out a Christmas tree.  Not only did we find one for our house, but also for the church (pictured above) and for another family.

A truckload of trees.

John cuts down the biggest one for the sanctuary.

Meanwhile, I tried to capture the beauty of the countryside we were surrounded by, but my camera just couldn't do it justice.


A Christmas tree in all is natural, rustic beauty.

In order to load this tree in, Nathan and Justin had to unload all the other trees first...

...and then heave it into the bed.

All aboard and ready for the long drive home.

The next evening, Nathan and I went shopping for Christmas decorations.

This being our first Christmas as a married couple, we didn't own any decorations except for a box for each of us containing ornaments collected throughout our growing up years.  It was fun to go shopping together!

As it turned out, our Christmas tree was just a tad too tall, so Nathan had to do some trimming at the top!

In the meanwhile, I put together a wreath for the door.

Then, with Christmas music playing, a cinnamon candle filling the room with a delightful smell, and the fireplace crackling in the background, we decorated the tree.


Nathan spruced up our little palm tree with some lights, too!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here!

May this season and all it contains bring much JOY to you and your family!


Susannah! said...

Beautiful countryside! Merry (early) Christmas!

Sarah said...

It looks beautiful!
We just decorated our tree too!

Debi Foreman said...

Beautiful! Your first Christmas as a married couple, as soon to be parents, beginning a new ministry, wow, what a year! I'd say it's rather enchanting!

Bridges family said...

Beautiful! I was just thinking what a wonderful wife you are making and setting up your home so beautifully.....and soon to be a mom too, and that little baby is going to be one blessed child!!
With love,
Smile! :)
In His presence is FULLNESS of joy...