Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Pre-Baby Pics to Post!

 The apricot tree in front of our house/church produced a bountiful harvest this year, thanks to all the rain we've received!

 Nathan and Isaac enjoyed picking the yummy fruit!

 Nathan was able to make three large cobblers from the harvested fruit!

 The perfect combination of sweet and sour.

 Isaac enjoyed covering himself with stickers one day just like Curious George did in one of his library books.

Josiah with his beloved blankie.

 Isaac plays dress-up with Mommy's shoes.

 Gotta love those lime green socks!

 Josiah discovered a new way to play in the ball box!

 Hi, Mom!

 Big brother wanted in on the action too!

 Time for some birthday fun for Daddy!

 Look who's 29!

 So glad to have my mom here to help with Baby's birth and my recovery!

 Singing to Daddy...

Happy Birthday!

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