Saturday, January 30, 2016

More Snow and Inside Play

And this is what we woke up to last Sunday morning.  The snow had stopped and all was serenely beautiful!

Hey look!  A snow bunny!

He found a little chair to sit on.

Daddy wipe out.

At the "neighbor house" he turned Daddy's snow pile into. :)

Meanwhile...back in the house...this sort of thing happens.  I believe we call it indoor sledding on a plastic table cloth they raided from Mom's cabinet. :)

Story time with Daddy.

Isaac models his new basketball shorts that I picked up at a consignment shop recently.  I have never seen this child SO excited about a garment before!  He begs to wear them everyday, and when they are in the laundry, he asks me 10 times a day if I have washed them yet.  Apparently, he can play basketball much better when wearing these shorts! :)

And of course, he's doubly successful when he is wearing his basketball shirt too!

One thing I am loving these days is seeing Isaac's imagination come alive with great vividness!  The other day, he created a fish tank/aquarium out of these baskets.  He and JoJo now "feed" the fish multiple times a day with various toys and invite me to do the same quite regularly.  This fish tank has kept them busy for days!

The little brother tag-a-long who occasionally wears big boy underwear when Mom feels like potty-training (which he is always so delighted to do!).

Watching the "fish."

When did he get so big?

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