Wednesday, March 16, 2016

February Picture Catch-Up

That is such a JoJo face right there.  Chin tilted down, looking at you out of the side of his eyes, half a smirk.  This kid has attitude! :)

He really liked the chocolate cake and whip cream.  Can you tell? :)

One school morning, we read the story of Walter the Baker, by Eric Carle.  It is a cute story telling the fictitious history of naturally, we had to make our own pretzels afterward.  The children really enjoyed the whole activity and still play pretend visits to Walter the Baker's bakery in our bathroom.

Nathan surprised me this year with a whole week of Valentine expressions of love!  Day one included these beautiful, red roses delivered fresh to my door!

Aren't they gorgeous?

Peeking through a pretzel.



JoJo at Aunt Ann's house trying on R2D2 Mickey ears.  Such a cutie!

When we got home after an early birthday bash for Isaac and cousins in Dayton, the boys wasted no time getting out the new birthday puzzles and putting them together!

The Valentine's surprises continued!  Day 2 brought homemade chocolate truffles to the door, Day 3 brought a bamboo plant, Day 4 brought chocolate-covered strawberries, and Day 5 brought these lovely tulips.  My man totally spoiled me this year!  He's the best!

On February 25, Isaac's big day finally arrived!  He was so excited to get to use the birthday plates and napkins he picked out at the dollar store and to wear his giant birthday hat!

Our happy 3-year-old.

Birthday breakfast!

Opening a present from Grandmommy and Granddaddy.

One of Isaac's birthday presents from us was pet fish - three of them to be exact!  Now that he is three, he is learning to be responsible for a pet. (The low maintenance kind for now!)

We also gave him a trampoline for utilizing all that energy! (See previous post for videos.)

Isaac requested "monkey bread cake" for his birthday.  Unfortunately, he was sick with a cold over his birthday, so Nathan and I managed to produce a sugar-free, whole wheat version that was actually quite tasty!

He loved blowing out the candles!

Happy Birthday, Isaac!

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