Wednesday, July 27, 2016

In Which We Celebrate Josiah's Birthday

This is what our dining room looked like the night before Josiah's birthday.  He picked out all the decorations and paper goods for his special day.  I thought he did an impressive job color coordinating for a two-year-old!  I guess it helps that he likes blue. :)

Keeping with the Rebsch family tradition of decorating the birthday person's door while they sleep.

Birthday breakfast ~ yogurt and fruit! 
(Don't you just love his little ear sticking out?)

And a few presents to start the day out! JoJo ripped off the paper one small piece at a time...

The tell-tale grin. :)

A favorite book of nursery rhymes from Grandma and Grandpa!

Next, a handmade card from Isaac.

Big brother looks on.

And new cooking utensils for the pretend kitchen!

Little chefs busy at work.

Later, we went swimming for Josiah's birthday at the home of a sweet church friend.

Everyone had a blast!

Josiah especially enjoyed himself! :)

Forgive the off-key notes at the beginning of the song. :)  Nathan and I started out in different places. JoJo was so excited with the baby farm animals on his cake!  And just in case you are wondering, that frosting is supposed to be blue from the blueberries in it, but instead it looks kinda purple...

Digging in to his cake (a Trim Healthy Mama winner!).


Time for more presents!  I love his expression in this picture. :)

A new shirt from Grandmommy and Granddaddy in addition to the Toob animals on the cake!

Thomas the Train is a hit in this household. :)

A happy birthday boy!

Playing with kinetic sand from Aunt Katelin and the family across the ocean.

So much sensory fun!

Nathan built this water/sand sensory table out of PVC pipes for Josiah (at my request), which several dear people contributed birthday money toward, and it has been a hit!

The boys have played with it constantly on these hot summer days!

Right down to the littlest member of the family!

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