Thursday, March 30, 2017

An Exciting Report!

I have never been one to obsess about my weight, especially during pregnancy. I am a firm believer in pregnant mamas eating nourishing food whenever they want to and focusing on growing a healthy baby, versus being concerned about weight gain. However, I have to say it’s very exciting to have just gone through my fourth pregnancy in four years and only gained 25 pounds, instead of the usual 35-40. Nothing about my diet changed, and for the first time in all my pregnancies, I did not exercise at all (outside of chasing my kids around). I probably should have, but finding the time for exercise on top of everything else I juggle just didn’t happen.

So what made the difference this pregnancy? The only thing I did differently was to take Plexus supplements. (You knew I was going to say this, right?) :)  And not only did these supplements give me great digestion, better energy, improved sleep, and a total overhaul of my blood sugar problems, it turns out they have also given me a different weight scenario this go ‘round.

For the first time in four pregnancies, I did not have to eat around the clock (literally) in order to keep from getting shaky or light-headed. For the first time in four pregnancies, I did not get a puffy face. For the first time in four pregnancies, I did not get “thick” thighs. For the first time in four pregnancies, I am only 6 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight ONE WEEK after giving birth despite eating plenty as a nursing mother. And for the first time in four pregnancies, I am wearing my pre-pregnancy jeans ONE WEEK after giving birth! (Usually, I have to wear maternity pants for several weeks followed by my “post-pregnancy” wardrobe before I’m anywhere near pre-pregnancy clothes.)

As I share this exciting report, let me just say that Plexus is NOT a fad diet nor is it only about weight loss. It’s about cleansing and healing the gut, stabilizing blood sugar levels, and reducing cellular inflammation. A healthy weight level is often a natural by-product of these root issues getting dealt with.
Once again, I’m so thankful that God brought these products into my life one year ago! The difference they have made, especially with this fourth pregnancy, have been tremendous! #KatrinasPlexusStory #GutHealthForTheWin  #DrinkPink

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