Friday, August 11, 2017

A New Phone

Well, people, it has finally happened. Thanks to a recent change in our cell phone program and the free Samsung Galaxy I accumulated as a result, I, Katrina Britton, now actually own a smart phone! I know, I know...I’m probably one of the only people you know who has resisted this long! For years, I have only wanted a phone that texts and calls (you know - the "old fashioned" kind!) in order to keep my screen time limited (my computer gets enough of me as it is) and because I just plain liked texting better on a slide-out keyboard rather than a screen. But the time has come when even I have admitted that having a smart phone would be beneficial for actually being able to read other people’s texts, conduct business-related activities, use money-saving apps, etc. Even so, I am determined to OWN my phone and not let IT own ME. I read this article three years ago and its message has stayed with me ever since. I share it again now as a reminder to myself to keep boundaries in this high-tech world we live in and in hopes that it will encourage you veteran smart-phone-owners to really LIVE your lives - outside of the screen. 

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