Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lights, Camera, Action!

As part of our weekly schoolwork in this second semester of language school, we are responsible for performing dramas of different Bible stories. Usually, this includes writing a script and memorizing it or speaking from notes. We have the freedom to modernize the story, do a puppet show, act like we are teaching a Sunday school class, or whatever creative idea comes to mind. While the dramas are a lot of work, they have been a fun addition to language school and I have learned a lot through these experiences! Loads of pictures from past dramas have been stacking up on my computer, so now that I have a little extra time to share them, I thought I would post them below.

Cain and Abel
(or as we re-named ourselves: Caína and Abelina)

This picture was taken before I "killed" my poor sister, Abelina!

Noah and the Ark
Mr. and Mrs. Noah

One of the towns people.

Poor Noah is suffering from allergies from who knows what animal!

The merchant who sold them animals for the journey.
( sometimes we take a few liberties with the story!)

The Life of Moses

For this drama, we did something different and divided it up into six parts with each lady taking a part to perform individually. I chose the first part of the story when Moses is a baby and played the roles of his mother, Miriam, and the Egyptian princess who finds him in the Nile river.

Jada played the adult Moses when he killed the Egyptian and then fled for his life to the desert.

Helen narrated the next part of the story when Moses encountered God at the burning bush.

Erika told her "son" about the 10 plagues God brought upon Egypt.

Erin used her drawing talents to describe the Passover and the exodus out of Egypt. It was very creatively done!

Sarah finished the drama with a jubilant passing through the Red Sea into the Promised Land!

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