Friday, March 25, 2011

Painting the Gospel

On one of our recent street evangelism expeditions, a fellow student went with us who does street preaching with paintings. I was fascinated by his presentation of the Gospel using these drawings and the way it got the attention of people on the street. When Marco offered to give workshops on campus to teach us how to do the same presentation, I jumped at the chance to participate!

The first Saturday, we prepared the drawings ahead of time and the second Saturday we completed them as we preached. Here are some photos from our class together:

David went first and did an amazing job!

Alejo takes a turn.

Here is what my prepared painting looked like before I got started. As you can guess, it is meant to capture people's attention!

I wasn't quite ready to preach the whole message in Spanish yet, without having done it first in English, so I preached in English but still used a painting with Spanish words. How's that for good Tex-Mex? :)
I guess in my switching back and forth between the two languages, I misspelled the word at the bottom which is supposed to say, "hombre." Oh well!

Oops! Another misspelled word! Soledad is supposed to have an 'E'...I was going kinda fast.

Our teacher, Marco, explains something to the class.

Jessica paints the word AMOR, which means "love."

Noel's turn.

Cresenciano was very deliberate and thorough in his explanation of the Gospel.

Live and in action! You can see Marco in this picture using a number game to draw a crowd over by the Gold Palace perfume store.

I was amazed at how many people stopped to see what was going on!

Here he is filling in the painting while he preaches.

Addressing the crowd.

Throughout the afternoon, we split up and passed out Gospel tracts. Here I am on the corner handing out million dollar bill tracts like candy. Many people came and asked me for more once they read the message so they could give them to their friends and family!

Crescenciano explains the Gospel to a passerby.


Jennifer said...

Well, that is just awesome! You are doing great!! (You are encouraging me to be more bold in my own witness.) May God bless your efforts.

Rachel said...

Hi Katrina,
A friend gave me some of the million dollar tracts, and I have been givng them to people, but I am almost out. Where can you get them? It is very encouraging to see all that you have been doing. Even though you have been far away. Thanks for posting so often. I miss you.


Katrina Marie said...

Thank you for the encouraging comments, Jennifer and Rachel!

To answer your question, Rachel, you can order million dollar bill tracts from They also come in Spanish!

Bridges family said...

ooh, great encouragement for us - we just organized a witnessing day at the park with our church family, and we are having it on the 16th of April. I am thrilled about the opportunity but nervous too! :) so thanks for the motivation!
Love you,