Friday, January 20, 2012

Christmas in January

Since Katelin and I were both gone from home for Christmas this past December, we decided to have a belated celebration with all the family in January when we would all be together. It was a sweet time with everyone!

Melissa meets Zoe the Zebra

Papa all decked out in red

A belated birthday for Melissa, too! (Her birthday is only five days before Christmas)

She LOVES books!
(I think she takes after her Aunt Katrina)

A new baby doll too! How perfect!

Aunt Nora demonstrates how to rock the baby.

Time for presents!

Katelin and Nathan are very excited with their new Food Saver machine. It will allow them to preserve fresh produce for long periods of time...a big help in Ukraine where produce does not have a long life span and certain foods can only be purchased at certain times of year.

Love in the winter years....priceless!

My sweet grandparents

Nathan liked the finger puppets I brought back from Bolivia for Melissa!

He also liked his new alpaca socks!

And his Nebraska hoodie from Mom and Dad!
(I think he's set!)

Mom and Aunt Nora model their alpaca ponchos for us. Don't they look smashing!

Thank You, Lord, for the gift of my wonderful family!

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Kelsie Steele said...

Wonderful pictures, Katrina! Enjoyed seeing all of these. Melissa is especially cute with her dolly! You are blessed beyond measure in your family, and I'm so grateful to get to know all of them! Much love, Kels