Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Thank You Lord For...

401. Safe travels home to the United States

402. The waiving of my penalty fees for overstaying my Bolivian visa by 3 months (a $300 savings!)

403. That my luggage was not over the allotted weight limits and that I made it home with all bags in tow - nothing lost along the way!

404. Protection on the escalator in the Miami airport as I took a backwards tumble and fell down a number of moving stairs unharmed besides a few minor bruises

405. My parents' big smiles and warm hugs at the airport in Houston

406. The clean, fresh smells of America!

407. The beauty of our home

408. A hot bath/shower

409. Delicious chicken pot pie

410. Pink gerber daisies

411. The joy of playing the piano once again

1 comment:

Sarah said...

How terrible it must have been to fall down backwards on an escalator!
I'm glad your OK!
Welcome home!