Thursday, February 16, 2012

And the list continues...

For the first time in over a month, I took the time today to keep writing my list of 1,000 gifts from the Lord! There was a lot to catch up on!

412. Nathan Mark Britton

413. A beautiful love story being written by God

414. Time spent with Katelin, Nathan, and Melissa during their visit to Houston

415. Singing around the piano with my family and Nathan

416. Sweet fellowship with beloved friends once again

417. Mom's home cooking

418. My grandparents and aunt coming to our church for a morning service when I shared a presentation on the Bolivian Adventure

419. A loving church family that provided such bountiful financial and emotional support while I was in Bolivia

420. New friends at a new church (Nathan's church)

421. Getting to hear Nathan teach God's Word and learning more in the process

422. A beautiful day at the park with our siblings

423. Safety during a fender-bender accident that could have been much worse

424. Long walks and talks with my dashing fellow

425. The movie Courageous and a dad of integrity

426. A fun family day out at my aunt's property in the country which included a long, special talk with Nathan down by the pond

427. Sharing the joy of this relationship with dear friends

428. A trip to RGBI with Nathan that was rich with fun and fellowship

429. Flowers and notes from my thoughtful man

430. Emails and Skype calls that I treasure

431. Connecting once again with my "Care Net Family"

432. Seeing how this courtship story, as shared on the blog, is encouraging and blessing others

433. New clothes

434. New journals

435. Refreshment in the Lord

436. The indescribable feeling of being cherished

437. Eager piano students and the joy of once again teaching music

438. Beautiful sunsets

439. Full health once again

440. Joy overflowing


Susannah! said...

Beautiful list of blessings.... May God continue to bless you!

Lindsay said...

The list is growing fast - nearly halfway there! Thought #421 was neat. :)

TexasLady said...

Thanks for sharing these blessings. I just love reading them. There has been many a time when they brought tears to my eyes, Our Lord is so good to us! : )