Thursday, February 9, 2012


With all the busy excitement of this new season of life in which I find myself, my time has been filled lately in ways that don't leave much room for leisure reading; especially the reading of blogs.

Today, however, I was able to make the rounds to a few favorite reading spots on the world wide web as I sought to catch up on the news that is taking place in the lives of dear brothers and sisters in Christ; some whom I have met and some whom I have not, yet I feel as though I know them all thanks to the window into their lives that their blogs provide. As I have made these rounds this morning, I am reminded that the world is much bigger than my little corner here in Houston, TX, and that God is working in many wonderful ways beyond my own precious love story that is being written.

I was so blessed to read the January posts on Kisses from Katie that I wanted to take a few minutes and share the link here as well. Katie Davis is one of those whom I have never met...and yet I feel as though I know her. I can't remember when I started reading her blog; ages ago it seems. And then when the book chronicling her stories and lessons from God in Uganda was released this past fall, I eagerly purchased it on my Kindle while in far-away Bolivia. I wish I could tell you just how much her words encouraged, challenged, convicted, and blessed me, but I am not sure it is possible to explain. In Katie, I discovered a true "kindred spirit," who truly loves Jesus and has asked Him to teach her how to love the unlovely in His Name. The works He is doing through her in Africa as she mothers more than a dozen girls, nurses the sick, cares for the outcast, and tells them all about the only Savior who can redeem their souls is truly amazing.

So if you have a chance this morning, take a few minutes to read her blog and be reminded with me of the greatness of our God who is at work all over the globe drawing people to Himself and teaching us more of Him. Let us remember, too, how deeply He cares for the "least of these" who share our world.

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Rebekah said...

I have just discovered your blog after reading your story over on Inside out, and dear me, I have been so blessed by every word I read! What a beautiful heart you have for Jesus!

I hope to keep reading along with you as you continue on God's journey.

P.s. If you haven't read Katie's book- Kisses from Katie, it is a MUST read in my opinion! :)