Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Operation Apartment Transformation!

This is what Nathan's apartment looked like back in April after Joel (his brother and former roommate) moved his belongings and furniture out and my boxes were moved in.

So many things to unpack!

A little bare, don't you think?

Two of the hard-working movers taking a break in our only furniture at the time.

Super-Mom and I tackled the unpacking of the kitchen that day, thus eliminating the majority of the boxes.

Only a few more to go!

Fast forward a couple months and much has transpired.
We got married.
We went on our honeymoon.
We came home and went furniture shopping.
More boxes were unpacked.
Bookshelves were organized.
Pictures were hung.

And - voila!!!!
Our apartment is now a home!

(This is my "office" tucked away in our kitchen closet.  It's perfect!)

We love our cozy nest and are so grateful for the many friends and family who made such a nice home possible through their generous gifts.

God is so good!


Anonymous said...

Love the sleigh bed and little desk! So adorable. Looks like a wonderful home. :)
Lydia H.

Sarah said...

I love your new home!
And the Thomas Kinkade's on the wall! :-D

Bridges family said...

Wow Katrina....this is beautiful!

The living room looks so cozy, and I love the idea of your office being in the kitchen closet :)

A lovely home! Your husband is so blessed :)