Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Michigan Adventures - The Britton Homestead and Cherry Picking

This past weekend, Nathan and I flew to northern Michigan to surprise the Britton clan during a family reunion.  It was wonderful to spend time with all of them!  

Between Nathan's parents, his seven brothers and sisters, their growing families, and his grandmother who was present for the occasion, there were 20 of us staying together at the homestead.  In the three and a half days we were there, we went cherry picking, visited Traverse City, played games, performed a family concert, and biked around Mackinac Island.  It was an incredibly fun weekend, and I felt so blessed to get to know my new family better!

Lots of pictures will be posted in the coming days.  For now, here are some photos of the house and property as well as our adventures cherry picking. :)

This is a bird's eye view of where the Brittons currently live, taken in the fall season.  They have about 20 acres in all. It was so refreshing to be in the country, surrounded by nature and cooler temperatures!

The lane that runs in front of their house.

The house where lots of laughter happens!  Nathan and Joel finished out the basement several years ago so it is like a two-story house now.  Plenty of room for all 20 of us! :)

Mark swinging on the front porch.

The side yard containing a volleyball net and dog agility equipment.

The big, red barn which my amazing husband also had a hand in remodeling and re-roofing!


The backyard.

The barn and a couple of their horses.

The living room.

I love how they have all their children's pictures hanging in a gallery of sorts along with the meanings of their names.

The kitchen/dining area.

Time to go cherry picking!

At the orchard, there were several varieties of cherries growing.

Nathan and I picked the dark sweet variety.

Sarah and Samuel joined us as well.

Nathan worked hard to get the best cherries!

They were DELICIOUS!

He used to work at a cherry orchard, so he knew what he was doing!

I, on the other hand, have never picked cherries before and had a wonderful time!

Dad was all suited up in the official cherry-pickers' bucket!

He and the rest of the group picked several varieties all together.

Hannah enjoyed getting in on the action too!

Aunt Elizabeth was a great help.

Mom enjoyed picking and taking pictures!

Lydia the Cute
Just in case you needed it...oh well, I guess not.  Looks like this one is out of order!

Mark is ready to go with his bunch!

The surrounding area.  So peaceful...

On the way to Traverse City...

The bay at Traverse City.
Blue and beautiful!


Sarah said...

I love cherries!!
And that water is so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

looks like fun!! I enjoyed seeing some family members from Nathan's side. Will you be putting up some wedding photos as well??