Monday, March 11, 2013

Family Love

This little boy just gets cuter every day!

We are quite smitten with him! :)

Kisses from Daddy

A foot rub from Grandmommy!

Look at that head of dark hair!

Isaac studying with Daddy...

Nestled in the perfect little nook.

I don't seem to make it into too many pictures, mainly because I'm usually the one behind the camera!  And because I'm not exactly photogenic these days with my pajamas and bedrest-look! :)

What a precious face.

A quick visit from Ms. Denise!

Somebody's all tuckered out.

Grandmommy and her little man.

Lovin' those snuggles!

Isaac and Daddy watching the Michigan University basketball game.

Go Wolverines!

Look who came into town for a visit this week!

Granddaddy meets Isaac for the first time!

A handsome man with a sleepyhead.
(I love the giraffe on his backside!)

Our little fellow fast asleep with Grandmommy.

Sporting some chubby cheeks today!

Two weeks old and cute as a button!


Anonymous said...

Isaac has the most adorable clothes! I love every single one he's been in.

Of course, they're even more adorable because he's in them. :)

-Noelle :)

PastorMike said...

Great pictures Katrina. Glad you are getting better. Also glad Mom and Dad could be there. God bless.

Kristin said...

Your little one is just precious Katrina! The Lord is good.

Rudi and Carla Booher said...

Precious! And by the way you look great too... I am glad to see you resting up. First births are hard on mommies for sure! Take your time getting back on your feet. My "first" baby turns 15 tomorrow. I was remembering those amazing first baby moments while looking through your blog. Soak it up!!

Anonymous said...

What a cutie pie. Enjoy these days. They go by so very fast.


Bridges family said...


We are so excited for you and Nathan! Little Isaac is adorable - what a precious little guy! Loved the pictures!


Emily Snodgrass said...

So precious! I am very excited and happy for you two! I hope I can meet him someday...sending my love and a hug for you, Trina!