Friday, March 15, 2013

Oh, the life of a newborn!

Hi everyone!  It's me, Isaac, again!  

Check out the handsome double chin I'm sporting these days!  Isn't it charming?

Bet I can make you smile with this picture!

I still love sucking on my hands.

Rocking in the rocking chair is another favorite activity of mine.

Here I am at the birth center for my two-week check-up.

This is Kiersten, one of the midwives who helped bring me into the world.  My mommy really likes her, and so do I!

Did you know that pacifiers are wonderful inventions?

At least, that's what I think (and so do my parents!).

Look, I know how to hold my pacifier even when I'm not using it.

Grandmommy is really good at snuggling.  I like to fall asleep in her arms.

But that doesn't slow her down!  She can eat and work in the kitchen even while holding me!  She's pretty amazing.


Kelsie Steele said...

Loved seeing these pictures! You're doing a great job keeping up the blog for all of us baby-crazy people! I could tell from the 1st picture that he's already growing up a little and you can see a bit better what he looks like and who. He's a handsome little fella, that's for sure. So glad your parents are with you too.

PastorMike said...

Great pictures Katrina. Children are surely a gift from God. Glad to hear you are recovering well. - Pastor Taylor