Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Picture Catch-Up, part 2

Mr. Chunky Legs

Happy boy!

Isaac reading to Josiah.

These two love each other so much!

Isaac finds great delight in giving Josiah rides on his shoulders with Daddy's help, and Josiah always squeals along with joy!

The turkey roasting pan proved to be a most interesting diversion.

One of Isaac's chores is to put the clean silverware away.

Snuggling with Daddy...

...and learning the art of the iPhone.

Our Michelin Man!

This expression cracks me up!

Telling me about his ball and how I should take a picture of it.

Superman in his new sheet-cape.  Love that face!

Flying through the house!

Saying "cheese" with another ball!

Showing me his favorite ornament on the tree.

A mini-basketball hoop that he can put his bouncy ball in!

Good thing this little guy is getting his own toddler-size basketball net for Christmas!

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