Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Pictures

Isaac enjoyed all the books we checked out from the library about Christmas!

Of course, when he realized I was taking his picture, he wanted his ball to be in it with him.

Cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning breakfast!

Isaac really enjoyed them!


They are Daddy's specialty!

Construction Worker Isaac

Dad's turn for a present!

Yay!  Two new belts!

Isaac received several new books which he loves reading on a daily basis!

Farm animals!

A giant pegboard!

Building a tower.

Beginner pattern blocks - so fun!

Putting his "puzzles" together.

Because, when in New Mexico, a delicious Christmas lunch is "Christmas style" red/green enchiladas!  (This is the pre-cooked, pre-cheese picture.)

It was fun to watch Isaac go back and forth between all his new toys and play with them all multiple times!

Josiah's new present from a friend.

There...that looks better with his hair combed over!

It snowed Christmas night, so Isaac and I donned our snow gear the next morning and went outside to enjoy the fun!

Making tracks.

Snow balls at the park.

Winter Wonderland
(videos coming soon - stay tuned!)

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