Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Isaac Quotables

I absolutely love watching my children grow and develop in so many areas of life, from the physical to the verbal to the cognitive, and so much more!  Back in January, in an effort to capture some of the hilarious and insightful things Isaac would say, I started trying to write them down in a special journal.  I knew I wanted to remember these adorable quotes for years to come as well as make him feel important; that what he had to say mattered to me.  I've been planning to share these little "quotables" on the blog for some time, but am only now getting around to it.  Maybe these glimpses into my son's mind and the things that make me laugh will only be meaningful to me, but just in case they bring a smile to your face too, here are some Isaac Quotables. :)

January 10, 2016
"I'm just warming up for da team to pway basketball!"

"I was just talking about my favorite fings!"
        - Oh, really?  Like what?
"Like balls and soccer balls and puzzles and my tricycle and pwaying wiff da cushions and warming up for da team! And going night-night and getting ready for church!
       - Wow!  You like everything!
"Yep - dat's right!  I do!"

January 26, 2016
(Upon re-reading the above section to him, he added: "I like refrigerators too!")

At nap time:
    - Yes? Do you need something?
"Dere's just a jelly fish sticking off da roof."
    - Okaaay...

January 14, 2016
    - Do you want more sandwich, or are you done?
"No, my tummy is full now. All my udder (other) food is down in my footsies.
    - That's good.  That will help them grow big and strong.
"Then I will dump my socks out of my sock basket and share dem wiff JoJo.  And when I get bigger, I will wear Daddy's.  And den, I'll get bigger and touch da ceiling."

"I'm waffing (laughing) to see what sport it is!"

"I want to build a bridge outside and a tree house.  And I'll live in da tree house so it won't rain on me.  And I'll share my tree house with JoJo and Adoniah."

Another day:
"I'm going to bang da house down!
    - If you do that, then where will we live?
"We'll go back to our old house in Mexico and Dr. White and Shelley will go out."

January 19, 2016
After observing Mommy and Daddy go out to play racquetball on a date:
"I just need a racquetball so I can go out on a date."
     - Who are you going on a date with?
"Wiff JoJo."

January 29, 2016
"My blankie smells like my head." (said with a serious expression on his face)

February 6, 2016
"Adoniah is my precious baby!"

While looking at the Bible verse reference inscribed on our family paddle:
"Verse 7: God loves you! Verse 8: God loves us!"

"Adoniah is my sweet baby!"

"I put my sweatshirt on so I wouldn't get dizzy."

February 28, 2016
While looking at a new Bible picture book:
"Dere's Eve.  And dere's Mr. Eve."

March 2, 2016
"Zaccheus was a wee wittle man, he played knick-knack on my hand!"

April 19, 2016
A story told over a pancake dinner:

"Humpty Dumpty had a pancake.  It fell onto da gwound.  Den, Humpty Dumpty fell and bwoke into wittle pieces.  Da people couldn't put him back togedder.  Den, da soldiers came and took da pieces of pancake away and ate them."

April 20, 2016
    - Isaac, what makes you happy?
"Pwaying golf and baseball and basketball and football and soccer ball."
    - What else makes you happy?
"Pwaying at da beach. (which he has yet to do...but we're heading there this summer!)
    - What else makes you happy?
"When I watch movies.
    - What are you favorite movies?
"Peppa Pig and Curious George."

April 27, 2016
    - Isaac, if you could be any animal, what would you be?
"A dolphin."
   - Oh, that's a good one!  Why would you be a dolphin?
"Cuz dat's what people turn into."
   - Well, people don't really turn into dolphins, but we can use our imaginations and pretend.  What would you do as a dolphin?
    - Oh, is that why you want to be a dolphin?  Because you like to swim?
(nods his head 'yes')
    - What else would you do?
"Eat fish.  And drink milk."
(Can you tell we've been reading about animals, and he remember that dolphin babies drink milk from their mother?) :)


Lolo said...

Those are precious quotes! What is a family paddle?

Katrina Marie said...

A family paddle is an instrument used for administering discipline. :)