Saturday, May 6, 2017

A New Plexus Slim!

I am super excited to be part of a business on the cutting edge of science and health! Today, Plexus Worldwide revealed a new, enhanced formula for their signature pink drink, Slim (you know - the one that helped balance out my blood sugars, give me energy, and allow me to fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans shortly after giving birth?). In addition to all the amazing ingredients and benefits of its predecessor, the new Slim contains prebiotic fiber to help activate and feed microbiomes for an even healthier gut and an even better metabolism! Did you know that the human microbiome is the biggest area of scientific research today in terms of how it affects EVERYTHING about our health? Helping good microbes thrive is KEY! The new Slim also has a flavor change-up and a fresh, new look! I’m looking forward to getting my order soon!  Get all the great details here:

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