Thursday, December 21, 2017

November Pictures

Silas loves eggs!

Saying “hi!"

Making pumpkin pie slime.

It was like a giant batch of silly puddy! They loved it!

Great sensory play!

One day, Isaac decided to make a paper crown. Here he is, enjoying the fruit of his labors on his “throne” while he reads a book.

If you can’t tell, there are three crosses on the crown. One is for Jesus’ cross. The others are for the two crosses that stood next to Jesus’. 

During the week before Thanksgiving, we did a lot of learning about Pilgrims and Indians! The children especially were fascinated by the lives of the Indians, so we enjoyed a mini-unit study that included dress-up, special food, and books about how they lived. Here the boys are making pasta necklaces (since we didn’t have bones or bear teeth) to go with their feather head bands.

Take One.

Take two.

Take three.
(The feathers are from our chickens that they so kindly left us in the back yard!)

Isaac’s wigwam.

Three little Indians.

Our authentic “Thanksgiving” lunch: baked fish, cornbread, and berry salad.

I is for Isaac...and Indian! :)

Isaac went around for at least three days with no shirt on because of his new love for being like the Indians. Here is of of his elaborate block creations too! 

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