Monday, December 4, 2017

October Memories

Hello dear blog world!

This is really embarrassing, but it’s December...and I am just NOW getting around to posting pictures from October! Next up will be November!  Agghhh! I can’t believe how far behind I am!  To say that life is busy would be an understatement.  I find that I am much more faithful to post little snippets to Facebook throughout the week.  I still like posting to my blog where I can categorize and reference things much more easily than on FB. It’s a wonderful online journal of sorts and I definitely plan to keep it up (hopefully better than I have lately!). But if you are at all interested in seeing pictures and reading things the Lord is teaching me on a more regular basis than I seem to be able to keep up with here, look me up on FB and we can connect that way too!

And now, without further ado, I bring you a BUNCH of pictures from October! :)

More handwriting practice!  Here is a picture of a dog to go with letter D. It was Isaac’s idea! ;)

New library books are alway so fun!

We studied about the artist Dale Chiluly as our preschool program recommended and made some coffee-filter snack bowls to go along with our study.

The kids had a great time painting these coffee filters with liquid water colors...

and putting them on baby brother’s head! 

Cute boy!

We had a blast visiting a new family fun farm in our local area in October!

The big slides were the kids’ favorites!

The tunnel roll.

Climbing on tractor tires.

Playing in the corn pit.

The corn maze through which Isaac led us with his play compass!

Pounding pumpkins has become a fall tradition!

The perfect fine motor activity for boys who want to copy their handy-man daddy! :)

Proud of his work!

This is what greeted my eyes one evening when I checked on Adoniah and Isaac who were out playing in the back yard.

Giant mud puddle = happy boys!

The ultimate sensory experience!

Practicing writing in shaving cream.

Apple rolling.

Making a card for cousins in Ukraine.

Josiah’s turn.

My Plexus baby playing with an empty XFactor vitamin bottle.

Such a happy boy!

“Haha, Mom! I wake you up at night sometimes and make you need lots of energy during the day - good thing you take Plexus!!!"

Adoniah has recently joined the ranks of his older brothers as a kitchen helper. Here he was helping me make healthy pumpkin bread.

Those eyes!

Sampling the batter...

We all really enjoyed hiking around our property on a crisp fall day and finding as many different kinds of leaves as we could.

First we arranged them in size order...

then we sorted them by color.  It was a fun and simple science activity!

Because even firemen need to do their math. :)

Silas has become very mobile lately! He crawls everywhere and pulls up on things to his knees. He hasn’t figured out how to stand on his own yet, but he is close!

Learning place value with Math-U-See blocks!

Lunch time! Some still eating, one doing math after having finished his food first, and Mom closing down the read-aloud books we “watched” on YouTube during lunch.

I gave Isaac the assignment to practice writing his cursive letters just in the first row on his placemat, but he decided he wanted to tackle the whole alphabet!  Since these moments rarely happen, I was more than happy to let him! :)

Preschool math.

He was SO proud of his diligent efforts!

Building a park with every wooden block we own during after read-aloud time.

Showing me his fire men going out to rescue people.

We enjoyed a visit from Grandmommy and Granddaddy at the end of October! Here is Granddaddy helping cut a whole in the top of a pumpkin for making a "pumpkin-cano.” (Like a volcano but in a pumpkin!) This has become another fall tradition our children look forward to!

Good ol’ baking soda and vinegar.

Explosions are so fun! 

We did it over and over much to the boys’ delight!

Granddaddy built the boys some impressive Duplo towers one day when they were outside playing with Grandmommy.

They really liked them and managed to keep them up for several hours before knocking them down!

Doing exercises together.


More pictures yet to come...

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