Monday, February 5, 2018

A Little Update on My Side Business

You guys!
I am amazed, excited, and blessed by something so much that I had to share!
I just sat down at my kitchen table and wrote out a list of everyone I PERSONALLY know (not just strangers on the internet) who have been helped by the natural products that I share about. These are MY friends and family who have jumped onboard the “let’s get healthy from the roots up” train with me...and the changes they have experienced as a result are INCREDIBLE!
- I could tell you about one friend who had pre-diabetic blood sugar numbers that have lowered into a healthy range, is off acid reflux meds, and has lower cholesterol.
- I could tell you about my own mother who is restored from adrenal fatigue, has a stronger immune system, has energy to care for her aging parents, and lost 10 pounds to boot!
- I could tell you about another friend whose seasonal allergies and sinus infections improved drastically, who is enjoying clearer skin, stronger nails, and who lost weight!
- I could tell you about another friend who no longer struggles with anemia, has energy to keep up with her toddlers, has much healthier skin, and is now actually absorbing the nutrients from her foods/supplements.
- Or how about my friend who is free from the disconcerting issue of heart palpitations and the pain of hemorrhoids?
- Or my other friend whose tremendous pain levels from fibromyalgia have been cut in half?
- I could tell you about my dad’s victories over tendon pain and prostate inflammation.
- I could tell you about a 73 year old man who no longer deals with gout or sugar cravings or blood pressure medications, and who lost 20 pounds!
- On the other end of the age spectrum, I could tell you about a teenage girl who is getting much needed help with low blood sugar problems that were causing concerning symptoms.
And this is less than HALF my list!
I am truly, truly thankful for all of the above! It never ceases to amaze me how God has built into His creation of plants, minerals, and animals the very things needed to keep our bodies running well! 

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