Monday, March 5, 2012


It all started with a trip to Galveston Island. Nathan's parents and two youngest brothers were in town for a visit and wanted to see the ocean.

So down to the beach we went. It was a chilly, gray kind of day. Not the best for kicking off your shoes and wading in the water, but the beach was quiet and the ever-changing sky a fascinating array of clouds.

The plan was to visit the water, walk on the beach a bit, take some pictures, and then head off for the next excursion: Space Center Houston.

After arriving, we drove around for a bit trying to find "just the right spot" to get out and see the water. I didn't really understand why it mattered so much where we landed; in my estimation, the water and the sand were the same up and down the coast! I didn't say anything, however. I was just along for the ride!
(Later, I found out why just the right spot was essential!)

Finally, Nathan parked the car, we piled out, and walked to the ocean. It was cold to the touch but pretty to look at.

After snapping a couple of pictures, Nathan suggested a jog down the beach. Apparently, he was teasing, but I thought he was serious and therefore, took off at a sprint! After whispering a few last hasty instructions to his parents (unbeknownst to me) he came running after me. We jogged for a short while and then slowed to a walk, moving farther and farther down the beach from his family.

Spotting a McDonald's up a little hill in the distance, Nathan suggested a quick stop to visit their restroom facilities, something we were both in need of after the long drive to the island. So up the hill we walked, enjoying the time together and the beauty of a quiet beach.

Jogging back to where we had left the family, we discovered that they were no where to be found and they had taken the car too! While we waited for them to return, Nathan suggested exploring some nearby sand dunes.

I was happy to follow him wherever. As we walked up the incline of the first dune, I noticed a handful of rose petals scattered randomly on the sand and quipped, "Hey look! Someone knew we were coming!"

I was completely joking, thinking that perhaps some couple had enjoyed a romantic dinner on the beach the night before and left a few rose petals behind, or that maybe they had blown in across the beach from somewhere else.

It wasn't until we crested the dune and I looked down the other side to this view that my breath caught in my throat and it dawned on me what was going on.

"Oh my..." was all I could utter as my stunned thoughts began to whirl!

"I think he's going to propose! I can't believe this is happening to me! I didn't think this was coming for at least another week! He just told me last night that he didn't have a ring yet! Does he have one now? What is he going to say? What am I going to say back?"
(I knew I would say, "yes," of course, but I had wanted to be a little more creative in my response than that!)

As my thoughts continued to whirl, and I desperately tried to recover from the shock I was experiencing, Nathan led me down the little hill into the heart on the sand.

It was the perfect place for a proposal - secluded and hidden from the view of others, but close enough to the water to still see it and hear it and enjoy the ambiance of the beach!

Nathan started speaking and I worked very hard to stop my whirling thoughts enough to focus on his words and let them make their way into my heart.

It was a precious declaration of God's working in our lives, the unfolding of this relationship, and his love for me!

After telling me he loved me for the first time, Nathan got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I was still so tongue-tied and close to tears, all I could say was, "Yes!" (I had to give him my official acceptance speech later that evening when I could think straight again!)

Claimed. Forever.

SO blessed to be his fiancé!!!

One very happy young lady!

One very happy young gentleman!

Two very excited people who make one happy couple!

It was an incredibly special and unforgettable time with my beloved!
He truly made me feel like a treasured princess with his thoughtful attention to every detail and his most romantic beach-side proposal!

We went to Space Center Houston afterward but I must admit, we were very much in our own space center - enamored with each other and excited to be engaged!

Isn't it gorgeous?

God's goodness continues to be revealed day by day in new and exciting ways and we are thrilled to be preparing for a life together.

The wedding date is set for May 19, 2012.
As you can imagine, there is much to do in a short amount of time!
Your prayers for wisdom and peacefulness would be greatly appreciated!

May God receive all the glory and all the praise for His wonderful working in our lives!


Hannah said...

Katrina! I am so excited for you and Nathan and all that God has in store for your lives together. Thank you for sharing! I'll be praying for wisdom, peace and much joy through all the business of the next few months!

Hannah Coen

Lindsay said...

You have NO idea how eagerly I've been waiting for this post, Katrina. :) What a beautiful proposal. Thanks for sharing the story of your engagement to Nathan in the midst of what must be a busy time of preparing for your wedding!! I'll be praying for you.

Lindsay said...

You have NO idea how eagerly I've been waiting for this post, Katrina! ;) What a beautiful proposal. I enjoyed the pictures and your account of the meaningful event. Thanks for sharing the story of your engagement to Nathan in the middle of what must be an extremely busy time preparing for your wedding! I've said it before, but I'll say it again - I am so excited and happy for you. :) You'll be in my prayers between now and May 19!

hhh said...

I could not help smiling (grin)!! I am so happy for both of you!!
Blessings, ~Krista

Sarah Beth said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! :) I give it a 10. Good job, Nathan! I like this guy already. :) So happy for you.... so happy. :)

Teresa said...

I am sooo excited for you! I love how the whole story turned out! Doing it God's way is the most perfect, precious way there is! My anniversary is May 20th and it will be 6 years. :-)

Susannah! said...

OH! So happy for you!!!
You'll make a beautiful bride!
Beautiful proposal!!
I'll be praying for you both!

Sarah said...

I'm so happy for you Katrina!!
I went to one of your maiden quests a few years ago and I am so excited!
Didn't Tara become engaged in Galveston too?!

John and Megan said...

Congratulations, Katrina and Nathan! We are very very excited for you both! May God bless your time of engagement, and your marriage! :)