Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Visit to San Antonio with the Brittons

During our excursion to San Antonio with Nathan's family, we toured five old missions that were a key part of Texas history.

Housing for those who sought refuge within the mission walls.

One of the community ovens.

This was the biggest of the five missions and had the most fascinating architecture!

The Britton Brothers

At the back of the mission was an old, water-powered mill in action demonstrating how the mission's inhabitants would grind their wheat.

A quick pic with my sweetheart at the mill!

Mrs. Britton through the mill's window.

The mill in action.

I love the palm trees at this mission location!

Another Britton boy and his significant other. :)

The courting couples.

Nathan's youngest brothers, Noah and Diondre.

A very cool-looking tree.

At the river walk.

So pretty!

Lovin' being with this man!

Noah and Diondre at the fountains

Joel and Katelyn

The Alamo

The smolder look from the man who captured my heart!

A most delightful day with a most delightful man and his family!


Susannah! said...

I love San Antonio!

Jerica said...

Hi Katrina!
I was shown your blog via Janice Bourne. I was greatly encouraged to read through your courtship to engagement story. What a powerful and loving display of our precious Father at work.
I recently met your parents at the American Chinese Fellowship. My husband and I are going to be teaching one of the classes that are in need. I fell in love with your mom, she is such a sweet lady and passionate about the Lord and those little ones!
I hope one day our paths will cross too! We just recently encountered our first "real-life" courtship couple (Joshua Horvath & Anna Penney) it has been so comforting to see people pursuing this God-centered approach to marriage and I hope to share your story as well as others like it when our daughters and son (if the Lord Wills) reach this stage in life!
You're a blessing, :)
- Jerica @