Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Outdoor Fun at Brazos Bend

The Britton Grillmasters

The beauty of the park.

So happy to be with my sweetheart soaking up the fresh air!

A stump that begs a picture.

Joel and his new fiancé, Katelyn.
Yes, that's two Britton brothers soon to be married!
The family is growing!

Lots of alligators were out enjoying the sunshine.

Such handsomeness...

...absolutely takes my breath away!

The lake at Brazos Bend.

The marshlands at Brazos Bend.

The happy couple at Brazos Bend.


Logan said...

Y'all are too sweet! I'm so happy you're getting married! I was one of the Sadlers friends who came to Maidens Quest! So fun to see your courtship story!!!


Susannah! said...

I've never been there, but it looks beautiful!!!
I wasn't old enough to go to the Maidens Quest, but my sister did and she loved it! And my sister and I went to the Maidens Quest Reunion!