Saturday, April 21, 2012

There Shall Be Showers of Blessing - Part Two!

Last Saturday, the ladies at my church, as well as dear friends and family, came together to give me a second bridal shower!  

 The location was the club house at the Lakes on Eldridge neighborhood. 

 It was a beautiful setting right on a lake!

When I first walked in, I felt as though I had arrived at bridal shower paradise!

Everything look so beautiful!

These four dear ladies were the hostesses of the event!  
L-R: Nora Knowles, Melody Cavicchi, Patty Loo, Kim Taylor 
I am so grateful for their hard work and generosity!

With my grandmother... 

...and my grandfather! 
(who made a special badge to wear just for the occasion that read: Katrina's Grandfather)

 The Naquin ladies playing a game: "How Well Do You Know the Bride?"

 Lovely flowers

 With Mrs. Loo

 Debbie Hughes, our amazing photographer for the day!

 Gracie Loo, my special little friend

 The Jorski Ladies

 Gracie and Robin playing the game

 Mema smiles for the camera!

 Friends enjoying lunch.


 Since the theme of the shower was called "The Flavors of Life," and centered around the kitchen, my corsage was made out of herbs and a rose!

 Mom and Mema received one too!

 What a great shot of my beautiful mother.

 After lunch, Mrs. Powell sang a hilarious song she wrote both the music and lyrics to called "Stuck in the Kitchen Again."  We were rolling with laughter!

Then, Mrs. Loo shared a fun, practical, and meaningful devotional that blessed us all!

Gracie finished the sharing time with a lovely song.

 And who should arrive but my beloved himself?!

 So happy he came to join the party!

 Mrs. Hughes captured many delightful facial expressions on her camera as we opened gifts!

 Thanking the hostesses with special little gifts of aprons and purple spatulas!

 Then, Nathan and I shared our courtship story.

It was such a fun day filled to the brim with blessings!


Lindsay said...

Yay, more pictures! Looks like it was a lovely shower.

Susannah! said...

Beautiful shower!!

Sarah said...

It looks like a really fun shower!
I really like pictures of you and Nathan opening the gifts!

Sarah Beth said...

AWWWW!!! love the pictures!!!! :) I'm so happy for you!!!!!

Sarah R said...

I have that pizza stone too! :) Looks like it was a lovely occasion!