Tuesday, April 17, 2012

There Shall Be Showers of Blessing

Two weeks ago, the ladies at Nathan's church blessed me with the first of many bridal showers during this beautiful season of marriage preparation! I am so grateful for the hard work they put into the event and the abundant generosity of the women who attended.

Beautiful flowers from the garden of one of the hostesses.

The beginnings of a mountain of gifts!


Look who I found at the party!

My darling fiancé decided to come up to the church and work in his office while the shower was taking place. He also made several appearances throughout the event...much to my delight!

Part of the team of hostesses and their young lady helpers.

My pretty mama enjoying the conversation with new friends.

Talking to guests...

Time to open presents!

So many ladies blessed us with items for our new home together or money toward the purchase of furniture!

My right-hand assistant.

I love the facial expressions going on here!

Sweet friends.

Hand-embroidered pillow cases!

More delightful facial expressions. :)


Catching up with old friends too!

So very thankful for the shower of blessings!

Photo credit: Maurice Blackman


Lindsay said...

Thanks for sharing, Katrina! :) I've loved following the progress of everything involved during this time before the wedding.

quinn emery said...

oh katrina! i'm so happy and excited for you! :)

Kelsie Steele said...

Katrina, you look stunning! So fun to see these!

Susannah! said...

Beautiful shower! Thank you for sharing!