Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Poem

Lately, I have been sorting through my belongings, cleaning out desk drawers and closets, and packing boxes to move.  In this process, I came across a poem I wrote when I was a young teen in celebration of my cousin's marriage.  It made me smile.  Perhaps it will do the same for you! :)

The greatest gift of all we hear;
The perfect thing to cast out fear.
You'll know it well when it is there;
It's something wonderful to share.

This gift is patient and is kind.
It envies no one, you will find.
But you will see it bright and clear
Whenever your beloved's near.

It is not selfish nor seeks its own;
Finds joy in all and never moans.
What is this gift of which we speak?
We saw it well in Jesus meek.

A marriage must be built on this
To last in hard times and in bliss.
We know it well from God above,
It is His gift - you call it love.


Susannah! said...

It made me smile! =)

TheBeadtriss (aka Krista) said...

That is a neat poem! Yes, it made my smile too! :} Are you going to keep posting updates after you are married??? I hope you do. :} I have really enjoyed seeing how God has been working in your life lately! Blessings, ~Krista K.

Sarah said...

How special finding it now!
It's pretty too!

Steffie said...

You are blessed, truly Katrina you are an example for every Christian girl. Your parents have every reason to be proud of their daughter. Be blessed in Jesus name.