Thursday, June 28, 2012

30 Reasons Why I Love my Husband

1.  He daily demonstrates genuine, unconditional love for me

2.  He is a Godly man whose character reflects that of Jesus Christ

3.  He is devoted to the Word of God and can explain it to me in clear, insightful ways

4.  He is patient with my shortcomings

5.  He is full of fun

6.  He makes me laugh

7.  He holds me when I need to cry

8.  He eats my food without complaint, even if it isn't very good

9.  He teaches me new things

10.  He impresses me with his wisdom on life

11.  He showers me with physical affection every day

12.  He delights in my femininity

13.  He is protective of me, giving me a sense of security at all times

14.  He provides for me by working faithfully at his job

15.  He is a man of his word

16.  He is thoughtful and caring in the little ways

17.  He writes me love notes

18.  He prays with me and for me

19.  He cheers me up when I am feeling down

20.  He listens to me

21.  He talks to me

22.  He loves to be with me (and I with him!)

23.  He encourages me

24.  He works out with me and loves to show me his muscles!

25.  He is a strong leader for me to follow

26.  He takes me out to eat on a regular basis

27.  He understands me better than I understand myself sometimes

28.  He is trustworthy

29.  He daily speaks words of affirmation to me

30.  He cherishes and treasures me always

"Yea, he is altogether lovely. this is my beloved and this is my friend...." 
Song of Solomon 5:16

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Unknown said...

Aawwwww! Can't wait for my turn! Waiting is hard...but it's worth the wait!