Monday, October 15, 2012

Autumn in Taos

Fall is my favorite season of the year!
I just love the crisp temperatures, changing colors, crunchy leaves, soft sweaters, and crackling fireplaces that autumn brings with it!
After having lived most of my life in Houston, Texas, where a true-blue fall season doesn't really exist, I have been absolutely delighted to experience autumn here in Taos!

Around the end of September, the leaves started changing color and deep, golden hues could be seen painted across the mountains.

Nathan and I took a drive around what is called the Enchanted Circle during which we encountered many beautiful glimpses of God's creation in all its autumn glory!  This is just a sampling of the beauty we beheld... 

(No, that is not a forest fire...just a smudge on our windshield!)

Back in our little town of Taos!

The park near our house.


Debi Foreman said...

Absolutely stunning!! I must come and visit you this time of year ;-)

Emily said...

These photos are beautiful! The mountains and the yellow leaves look similar to the scenery where I live. Fall is my favorite time of year too!
Blessings, Emily

Lindsay Lee said...

Love the blue of the sky and the bursts of yellow.