Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Remembering the Wedding - Part 8

The Ceremony

Photo credit: Steve Riddell

Dad Britton's charge to us.

The bridesmaids' song - beautiful!

Saying our vows.

Lighting the unity candle.

Nathan reading Scripture quietly to me while music was played.

Photo credit: Leah Horvath

A tribute in song exalting God's holiness.

Photo credit: Leah Horvath

Our first kiss.

That was fun!

Let's do it again! :)

Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Britton!
Photo credit: Leah Horvath

Hey - we're married!!!

More kissing...

So happy!


Susannah! said...

Oh such a beautiful wedding!!!
Do you have any videos?

Sarah said...

Yes, I would love to hear you and Nathan sing!!