Thursday, January 10, 2013

33 Weeks and Counting!

~ The 33 Week Baby Bump ~

It really is an incredible feeling to be pregnant.
To think that a little life is growing inside me...
A life created by God for the purpose of His good pleasure.
A life that I get to feel every day and every night, kicking, jabbing, resting, and growing.
A life that I am nurturing just by my everyday activities like eating and sleeping.
A life that is very real and whose tiny form I will soon get to hold in my arms!


Despite nausea in the first trimester, lack of energy in the second trimester, and the discomfort of being so big and clumsy in the third, I can truly say (by God's grace) that I have enjoyed this journey toward motherhood!

Our little boy will be here soon!

It is a unique season, preparing for the first child, and one I am trying to savor, knowing that it will likely not be the same in the future.  No other little ones require my attention at present.  I am free to rest as often as necessary, to read up on all the childbirth and parenting topics that fascinate me so much, and to enjoy these last few weeks of life with my husband as just the two of us before our family grows. 

Yes, it's definitely been a special time in so many ways.  

Nathan did a wonderful job assembling the baby's dresser this past weekend!

We have been blessed to receive many sweet gifts in preparation for our little guy's arrival, and a church shower is scheduled for the beginning of February.  He will be well provided for, and we are truly grateful!

Our new, infant car seat is ready to bring Baby Britton home from the birthing center.

In my last pregnancy post a couple of months ago, I mentioned being deficient in iron and therefore, finding myself with very little energy.  Well, the Lord has answered prayer in that department!  I started taking iron supplements and concentratedly working to eat iron-rich foods.  As of my latest blood test, my iron levels are back to normal and my hemoglobin count is looking good!  Thank you for praying for this concern! 

Everything else continues to go well for our little fellow.  His heartbeat is strong and steady and his growth rate is right on track.  He is in a head down position and should stay that way until birth.  According to what I read, he should be between four and five pounds right now.  The next several weeks will contain much growth as he builds fat and prepares to enter our world!

We are excited!


PastorMike said...

We are praying for you and a comfortable healthy delivery.

Tara said...

I am so thrilled to hear that you and Baby Britton are doing well! Keep up the good work Katrina! It's a hard work growing a baby but the rewards are immeasurable!!!

I can't wait to meet your little boy!


Susannah! said...

Aww! Thanks for the update! I can't wait to see him!

Hannah said...

Thanks for sharing, Katrina! I'm so glad to hear that you and Baby Britton are doing well and that things are moving along smoothly. I really appreciated how you described this season, it was like reading my own thoughts. The wonder of life truly is amazing and experiencing it from this vantage point is very special. Josh and I are praying for a easy rest of the pregnancy and safe delivery! It's hard in some ways to believe that it is so soon! = ) Blessings!

Lindsay Lee said...

So enjoyed this post, Katrina! Looking forward to celebrating the birth of your first.

Betty said...

Thank you for sharing your sweet life with us, Katrina. I so enjoyed reading every word. By the way, you look great! This little boy is going to be blessed with such phenomenal parents, and it will bring joy to so many of us just to watch him grow. You have so much to look forward to....the first tooth, the first "mama" or "dada", the first step, the first day of school. Oh, I guess I got ahead of myself! I'll be praying for an easy delivery. God bless all three of you, and may He send Angels to surround you and your family as you bring this precious life into our world.

Unknown said...

You are beautiful! I love that maternity shirt, very cute! Also, favorite breastfeeding book. Breastfeeding Made Simple by Nancy Mohrbacher and Kathleen Kendall-Tackett. It's a newer book, but pretty sure places like Amazon have it! Very informative and good info for any mom, but especially first time moms! :) Also, molasses is another great food for iron if you didn't already know that. Can't wait to hear of your lil boys arrival!